Amazon Prime Day upcoming – what gamers can get out of it


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  1. Huehuehuehuehue says:

    Cheap PS4, how about dah?

  2. No says:

    No recibí 10 dolares, es fake

    • dameros says:

      “Before 7/7, stream Amazon Prime Video from a TV connected device (typically PS3/PS4)”

  3. André says:

    Hi there, I’m not from US, could u help me to join Amazon in order to get some games and other stuff?, thanks in advance.

  4. She_Zett says:

    Why are people still here? PS Vita hacking in general $ucks a$$ lol!

    • zfreeman says:

      Vita memory card adapters’ updates.

    • hahaha says:

      did someone smarter than you humiliate you in another thread by any chance? that’s the only reason i can think of that would motivate you to post that comment.

      • She_Zett says:

        lo,l you don’t make any sense. can you please post any benefit of having a semi “hacked” portable console in this day and age?

        • BioAlpha says:

          the eventual full hack thats coming up literally less than a month. Henkaku Enso. look it up

  5. VIPlaine1 says:

    One piece pirate warriors 3 play as unplayable characters for PS Vita

    How to play:
    First U gotta have Gohan Cheat Engine
    1. open Gohan search for your game then press right to select launch mode which is dumpedmodify
    2. open it using the start button search for the number 22 on 4 bytes
    3. at the bottom left you’ll see your result
    4. look for the address 0000011058
    5. this the address you gonna use to change all characters when you needed
    6. now on the right u just put the characters ID#
    7. close the game, open gohan, look for your game,then lunch mode dumplay, and start playing
    8. To plays those charcarters in the game u have to choose Perona
    9. to change to other characters just search for the character ID# you was playing and change to other ID#
    10. I don’t know why there’s a 10

    Now for characters ID#
    00-46 those are characters that u play before
    47- Don Krieg
    48- Arlong
    49- Hatchan
    50- Laphan
    51- Wapol
    52- Mr.2
    53- Mr.3
    54- Kaku
    55- Jabra
    56- Blueno
    57- Sentomaru
    58- Pacifista
    59- Minotaurous
    60- Hannyabal
    61- Jozu
    62- Vista
    63- Morgan
    64- Alvida
    65- Kuro
    66- Mr.1
    67- Bellamy
    68- Wyper
    69- Hordy
    70- Vergo
    71- Monet
    72- Burgess
    73- Coby
    74-180 (those are Captain, Giant Captain , and soldiers look for the one you want)
    181- Enel (Amaru Form)
    182- Moria (Shadow of Asgard Form)
    183- Oars ( this one wont move stay in one place, have fun with it whatever I guess.)
    184- Error
    185- Error
    185- Error bro stop searching

    Okay One last thing I don’t know If this work with orther region
    but I only did it on US version

    For anyone who still play OPPW3

  6. Some great deas when you buy online at Amazon, not neccesarily with primie alothough.