Adrenaline Bubbles Manager released.

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  1. BroOse

    That’s neat but what if I’ve made new icon0.png for my PSP games so they can fit the whole bubble and not be the rectangular usual ones, will it keep my modified icon0.png or will it change it to the original (the one that comes with the game when you download it (as shown in the second picture of the article) ?


      I haven’t tried with square icons, but I think as long as your modified icon0.png is 128×128 it’ll probably work!
      would you try and let us know? please

  2. CappDog

    Sounds nice! I do prefer the actual PSP images, videos and music for each game though.

  3. Quad

    How can I create multiple bubbles with only one demo installed ? I’m completely stumped


      arkfast v2.30 will take care of the cloning part, since it can clone any psp game installed on your vita.

  4. guyver

    every time i try to launch a bubble i get c1-2858-3 error, any suggestions ?

    • 9BitStrider

      It looks to be a problem with config.txt under the tai folder. I had to manually edit the document for it to run the game properly.


      for that error I think you should contact LMAN cause I try some minis and none of them worked, plus I got an error from PE 3rd birthday

    • ogogo

      got the same error C1-2858-3

  5. cyberlis

    any one knows, can i get sources of OneLua ?


      The source hasn’t been released yet, but you can download Onelua vita 3r1 for script samples

      • cyberlis

        But they can put anything to interpritator ONELua. Why they are hiding sources. May be they stealing your information

        • BALTAZAR4

          I have no idea why the src hasn’t been released yet, and for the “stealing” part AFAIK there are a couple of apps/utilities from Onelua Team, if they were using malicious code, the scene would have known already

        • BALTAZAR4

          For things related to src you should be contacting Onelua on twitter

  6. She_Zett

    Soon you will be able to read an article from me!

  7. nebu_187

    realy great! how about PSX games? Try this one later


      I tried RE 2 and 3, for some reason RE 3 only worked once

      • nebu_187

        that is really weird indeed, is ur icon0 square or rectangular when u create the bubble

        • BALTAZAR4

          Well, the psx game I was using had a square icon0 in it, I haven’t tried the ones I converted myself using rectangular icons

  8. lol

    this work only 3.60 imao 3.61 to 3.65 is zero work
    if you tired you can go to

    • nebu_187

      Henkaku = 3.60 only. So yeah….


      I guess you can use ark on 3.61/3 to do the “boot at start” feature, and for the customizing part, you can probably use psvimgtool and bubble studio, and on 3.65 AFAIK you can’t do that

  9. Adrien

    Hi all !

    It’s great but I fail to see the point of sacrificing a game (bubble) to put another game in its place.

    Can I clone my metal slug 2 (20meg) already used for adrenaline ? (using arkfast)
    There surely is something I miss here…How did you guys use this feature ?

    Cheers !


      Only arkfast v2.30 can clone any psp game

      • Adrien

        Thank for the confirmation.

        After several struggles, I managed to properly run custom bubbles using Metal slug 2 clones.
        I went through many issues, reboots and reinstallations but in the end, I have my Valkyria 3/Gran turismo 1/Red alert 1 bubbles on my beloved VITA.
        -> Better reinstall Adrenaline on an original game (older versions are not recognised but arkfast)
        -> Clone this same game and clean it from adrenaline to install new stuff

        Thanks again !

        • Adrien

          I insist in this thread, but the bubble manager seems definitely unable to handle PSX shortcuts (can create them, but they are buggy as heck).

          I give up with this homebrew…

          • BaltazaR4

            I made a couple of psx direct access using some clones to link RE 2 Claire and Leon and RE nemesis and to me the app did the trick, if they are buggy when you play them is something that has to do with the plugin.

  10. Jack Bartolucci

    I know this is a long shot, but is anyone on here in central NJ? I have a Vita and Vita TV and I need CFW put on them, but I’m terrible at it and scared to mess it up. I’ll happily pay someone to do it, or give them something for their trouble. I have a lot of cool electronics (iPods, stereo equipment, amps, etc.)
    Let me know if anyone is interested.

  11. Adel

    installer henkaku dans ps vita

  12. Biff627

    No matter how hard I try, I end up with error C1-2858-3 with all psp games after following it. I had it work once, and after making more it broke and stays broke.