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microSD to game card adapater becoming a reality thanks to a Reddit member!


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  1. Reymon

    holy *** first

  2. yattoz

    Hey, basically the concept is buying a micro-SD push-pull card reader, print the dedicated PCB, cut the PCB so that it enters the PS Vita and soldering the micro-SD card reader ? And there’s nothing else ? If so, I think I can build some.

  3. BlumCoLe

    ebay? That sucks.

    winwin for ebay…

  4. SHUN

    will this work for users unfortunate enough to be on 3.65? whats the maximum GB can it handle?

    • Aurora

      Considering that the adapter needs special software to work, it won’t. Even if it didn’t require the software, it still wouldn’t work as the game card adapter was not originally intended for use as a memory card by Sony. If you have a Vita on 3.65, your best bet is to replace the motherboard or get another PSVita, which if you’re lucky, won’t take much out of your wallet.

    • Yskar

      Why don’t you buy an spare PSVita motherboard from china and change it yourself?
      It’s not that expensive or hard to do!

  5. SonyUSA

    Or you could have waited for Xyz to get his batch in and then buy directly from him and Yifanlu? :p

  6. Panda

    It’s like the Gamecube SD Geckos of old. Except utilising the game cart port instead of memory.

  7. Megumigumi

    Thats kinda painful not “Yifan” WHat happen to his board anyway it didnt become hit?

    • Crzo

      1) Yifan uploaded the proof of concept video, so everyone thought this adapter was made by yifan, thats why it is stated that way. Nothing to do with bashing yifan.

      2) Yifan’s adapter DID become a hit, it sold out the first 2 batches within hours of posted but the whole project is not finished yet, they will ship between September – october if no delays occur.

  8. 0v3r cl0ck3d

    I dunno about this. I think I’m going to stick with my plan to use the psvsd that I will get from my 3g module backing. It’s nice of them to make and sell these but how can we confirm they aren’t lying and posted this for Reddit karma?

    • koala

      The smart thing I guess is to wait until it’s out and people have reviewed it. Then buy it if it seems useful.

  9. reti

    Hmm not really sure what is the point, everyone already bought a VITA and memory card, as this is a dying console not much people will get NEW Vita with this memory card.

    I can only see the point if this will enable better hacks, and maybe hacks on 3.60+!

    • tech3475

      Vita memory cards are expensive and people may want larger sizes for homebrew, etc.

      64GB Vita: £115
      64GB Micro SD: £10-20

      Plus you can get larger micro SD cards.

    • Ukl

      64GB Sony memory card are low quality and super expensive.
      Also, what will happen when Sony stop the production and your memory card die in 3-5-10 years and you still want to play ? Nothing last forever. Buy a new one for 300$ ? ………

    • Jack Attack

      Well, if there isn’t a size limit that can be addressed via homebrew there’s a huge point and it’s that 64GB isn’t nearly enough. You have legitimate PSN purchases from PS1, PSP and then the Vita. You can easily run out of space way too fast and since it’s a pain switching AND buying Vita cards, being able to potentially have 256GB-1TB of space on one card would be great if any OS limitations can be addressed.

      Then if you want to put all our UMD based games that you already bought and aren’t available officially for the Vita. Then homebrew and the space needed for that.

      I mean, get real here. This is huge.

  10. Tony

    One guy claims to be producing these so called adapters and what does wololo do? make an entire article about it, i swear you guys believe anything these days…

  11. Demian

    Are these adapters going to be OpenSource? Hope so as I’d like to build at least one by myself for myself. LOL
    Great news!

    • Tony

      Only problem is no one knows if the software needed for it to work is going to be released or not so making these adapters without permission is kinda stupid unless you know how to code and make it work.

      • andyW

        there is documentation on github of xyzz so i guess it is all you need

      • nightwishfan1

        You’re totally overthinking this. All this is going to need is Henkaku Enso when that itself is released. Proper tweaks to the TaiHen files, and directories is all that will be needed most likely. So of course it will be released…..Just later this month.

    • Aurora

      The source code of the driver and the schematics of the board are found on Xyz’s github.

      • Demian

        I’ve found the schematics, but the .sprx file needed is missing U_U. Hope it gets uploaded anytime soon so I can get into making my own. I’m more of the hardware guy than the software one. 😛

  12. tangra87

    To meka this work , do I need to be on a sertain firmware (3.60 henkaku) , or it will be for all firmware ?

  13. Salar

    Awsome too bad that i cant get it in iran

  14. Ukl

    Am i the only one scared ? I mean, who is this guy ? Is he wellknown for anything ? I wouldn’t buy anything from unknown people. Since everything is public i guess i will just wait chinese to do it. There will be plenty opportunities to get one from someone else.

    150 cards, 15M PS ViTA sold, good luck getting one.

  15. betamax

    can i run “road rash” 2017 on it ?

  16. Rayes

    So even the ps vita slim will be able to use these?

  17. alvin

    for those dont have skills for solder to bad 🙁

  18. alvin

    for those dont have skills for solder is to bad 🙁

  19. P3T3

    Just ordered 30 pcbs, I will have them available privately, once orderes are delivered and tested I will make video and take privet orders!
    I don’t do eBay or PayPal 😉

  20. Shaun

    The plugin mounts the MicroSD card at ux0. When it does that it unmounts the proprietary memory card until the console is rebooted. You actually have to go through an extra step when launching taihen if you have the proprietary card inserted. I find it easier to just boot the console with only the MicroSD inserted if that is what you are planning on using.

  21. Dmaskell92

    I’d pay $20 if it was tested and working. Totally sound investment.

  22. ToLazyToLogin

    You do know that pomfpomfpomf3 is xyz right?

  23. Andresrey

    This is only for psvita 3G or for all psvita

  24. goodboy

    give this adapter to pruduce to china ali

  25. cracker

    Can’t wait to etch/build some pcbs of my own to mess with while I wait for my 3G adapter.

  26. Crzo

    Where are the chinese companies making statements of them mass producing this when ilyou need them to? :v

  27. nigg the flow

    no hardware board circuit welding?

  28. mixedfish

    Let’s be honest, by now everyone is really waiting for a 3.63+ hack so we can all play new games.

    • nightwishfan1

      That’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. For physical games the best that can happen is decryption of a 3.65 update file, then reverse engineering the contents of it to make a custom firmware out of it, and possibly add them to 3.60. In other words disguise 3.60 as 3.65 with reverse engineered contents from 3.65. As long as Sony doesn’t play around updating the firmware anymore this will be the only feasible solution.

      To those thinking that would be impossible….It’s been done on other consoles. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is what’s being worked on as we speak since no one is interested in trying to crack 3.61+ firmwares completely.

  29. BlackBrain

    Seems like this guy will encounter some issues… PCB is too thick, just look at SonyUSA’s comment : https://imgur.com/gallery/VY94I
    Just to warn potentials customers…