microSD to PSVita game card adapter – PoC


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  1. Mister First says:


  2. kalis says:

    Nice… thank you

  3. kalis says:

    Jail break for psv 3.65 please..

    • Kev63 says:

      It’s never gonna happen, Yifan Lu already said noone was working on it. If I were you I wouldn’t wait for nothing and go to a pawn shop or something like that buy a used PS Vita or PSTV.

    • no says:

      Waste of time, just buy a second Vita and don’t update it this time like some kind of idiot

  4. Salar says:

    Nice , awsome news

  5. kublai says:

    This guy is just simply amazing!!!!

  6. Franz Rogar says:

    For what it seems, they “swap” the ux0 partition. Anyway, it’s wonderful!

    Just wishing for a production run! 🙂

  7. Sothing says:

    sunds good

  8. Ukl says:

    He also added source on how to make it in the youtube video: https://github.com/xyzz/gamecard-microsd
    Checking it and if its too hard for me i hope someone will produce it in mass 🙂

  9. Sharp says:

    I have a model 1004, it works for me?

    • Ukl says:

      works with all ViTA i guess since it uses the gamecard port.

    • NoFakers says:

      Yes, it works for any Vita model (1000 or 200). However, you NEED to be on firmware 3.60 with Henkaku installed because it does software patches that can only work with Henkaku.

  10. Sf123 says:

    That’s pretty cool. It would be nice to expand the Vitas memory this way someday. I know it takes up the game slot but if you use it with PSTV (I know pstv has usb storage) then there could possibly find out how to use the usb port on the pstv with usb arcade sticks.

    • Ch3ck3r says:

      It uses the slot, but you can copy all your games and put it on the SD card. This way you have all of your games on one card plus a lot of storage. You never have to change the gamecard.

    • Cypherous says:

      You do know USB hubs are a thing right? just because the console has a single port it doesn’t mean it can only support 1 physical device, get a powered hub like you would on a PC 😛

      • nightwishfan1 says:

        Just cause there are usb powered plug and play hubs doesn’t necessarily mean it would work on a pstv like it would on a pc. The pstv with henkaku combination only allows for right now a unknown amount of usb plug and play drives to be from the drive. There isn’t anything yet to give the port more usb device compatibility outside of that. That and if a plug and pay hub were to work before this even happens you’re not guaranteed every device plugged into the hub will be picked up. You’re looking at something that essentially is a ways off if it ever happens.

  11. Jefphar says:

    This is nice and pretty simple to use rather than taking out the 3G hardware for Fat PS Vita

  12. Rodpin says:

    Hackers doing what Sony should have done since the begining….

    • NoFakers says:

      They make fat margins on Vita memory cards. Since the Vita’s price was quite low at release, this was a way to make some money.

  13. acidmango says:

    isn’t this the same type of thing that RichDevX was trying to produce?

    • Steven Stuivenga says:

      Sorta yes tho he is trying to make one For the Memory card Slot

    • zfreeman says:

      That was a memory card micro SD adapter

    • Stussy says:

      RichDevX was going with the sony memory card slot where this is using the game cartridge slot all in all hope this works out 🙂

    • NoFakers says:

      RichDevX is a faker, he has been called out by Yifan Lu for his *** but failed to show proof of work even after that. Don’t except anything from him apart *** PCBs that cost him 5 USD yet he sells them 10 USD.

    • NoFakers says:

      RichDevX is a faker, he has been called out by Yifan Lu for his buIlshlt but failed to show proof of work even after that. Don’t except anything from him apart shltty PCBs that cost him 2 USD for 10 PCB yet he sells them 10 USD. Check the price here if you don’t trust me: easyeda.com/order

      • Nice to see a coward hiding behind a name he normally does not use, because he is too afraid to be called out himself.

        RDX is no faker, he has done plenty in the console scenes, more than you will ever accomplish or do, so stay there talking *** behind a fake name, because that is the only thing you will ever accomplish…

      • Adelino660 says:

        Yifan Lu comment because of the notion of “Healthy Skepticism” on a reddit post concerning RichDevX. Which is believe is warranted because of the lack of proof…but i believe it’s way too early to label someone as a scam or a fake. Only time will tell, and i do hope he does show us some actual evidence, and a final product.

        • NoFakers says:

          Too early?! This guy has been bragging about his hypothetical adapter for more than half a year. He has been repeatedly asked to provide proof, and it was really EASY TO DO. Yet, he only posted videos of a vita booting and showing “memory card needs to be formatted” without showing his vapordapter plugged in. Any competent people in the scene will tell you that his ‘adapter’ is fake and this farce has been running for too long.

          I won’t answer to GregoryRasputin because he literally provided 0 argument whatsoever, yet didn’t fail to gatling Argumentum Ad Hominem at my face, and without any basis. I’ve no reason to waste my time with unconditional fanboys who can’t question themselves and their beliefs.

  14. redblade67 says:

    masterpiece omg…..im speechless, I remember back then something like this was impossible, the vita is opening up in a serious rapid pace. holy *** guys I *** love you please produce this. holy *** this is godlike

  15. Steven Stuivenga says:

    I had posted this to Youtube but for some who do not look at the Video… “Also for all of u wanting to Get your hands on some of these then Visit the link shown in Description [ https://github.com/xyzz/gamecard-microsd ] then get the Files from Folder “Board” and add them to https://circuits.io/eagle/make/ Then Hit the “Start Crunching” Button once that is finished will show another page with a picture of the board, Scroll down and u will see a “Download Gerber” now .. well download it and save on Desktop for easy access or anyplace u can find it. Will be Called “adapter.zip” unless u renamed.. now head to https://easyeda.com/order and drag the “adapter.zip” To the box that says “Drag and Drop”. once its done loading Set the PCB Dimensions Width “22” mm and length “31” mm Also Set PCB Thickness to 1.0mm .. now order them. Next is the microUSB Ports. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20170630190526&SearchText=microsd+socket and pick one .. .. now to wait for all the stuff to come and put it together.

  16. Hatako says:

    😀 we need a cartridge such as Gateway3DS or Sky3DS+ for PSVITA.

    • NoFakers says:

      It’s not as easy as the 3DS. The Vita has an authentication mechanism that works as follows: the Vita sends a unique challenge, the game card solves it and send the response to the Vita, the Vita checks that the response is correct. The only way to solve the challenge is to transfer it to a real game card, that’s what the Cobra Blackfin does: when it receives a challenge, it sends it to the Internet so that a game card connected to the network solves it. The thing is that Sony patched it in 3.60: in addition to checking that the response to the challenge is correct, it checks that the response is sent FAST ENOUGH, in the order of milliseconds, so the Cobra Blackfin doesn’t work anymore because it takes to much time to answer to the challenge. Long story short, we will never get a cartridge such as Gateway3DS or Sky3DS+ for the PS Vita.

      • Yattoz says:

        Thank you for this very clear explanation. But, as we can see that this PoC works, may we assume that xyz and motoharu succeded in bypassing the “challenge” mechanism, or in mimicking it to trick the Vita firmware ?

  17. Neo2856 says:

    Will this work on all firmwares or just 3.60

  18. dat boi says:

    do you have to solder something to the vita or its just pluging the adapter in?

    • NoFakers says:

      Once the PCB and the SD slot are soldered together, you only need to insert it into the gamecard slot. You can also remove it with tweezers. So nothing soldered to the Vita.

  19. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    Oh yeah, FIRST too!

  20. Furbi963 says:

    Primer en comentar en español

  21. kublai says:

    What is the largest microsd GB that these adapters will handle?

  22. DJPlace says:

    this will not work on a non-hacked vita? am i right?

  23. gilney says:

    Congratulations yifan lu, now do it for sale

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