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  1. Emilio Robles


  2. Frannerick

    hi, i need help…. accidentally formatted my memory card and now trying to return back what i lost but im having a hard time installing molecular shell of vitashell….. i am able to successfully install henkaku but there is no bubble that comes after its installation…. any suggestion pls..thanks

  3. BenoitRen

    Ah, now this is what I was waiting for. Now all I need to know is if it also saves PS Mobile activation data, as I don’t want to lose my few PS Mobile games.

    • BaltazaR4

      It does not save any PSM data at the moment :(, I don’t have any PSM files to test with, I’ll try to add that up on the next version 🙂

      • SilicaAndPina

        PS MOBILE activation data is stored at tm0:psmdrm/act.dat supposadly

        Benoitken can you confirm this?

        • BaltazaR4

          I was wondering if there was more files linked to PSM games other than the activation files since I never had psm games or activation files

    • BaltazaR4

      I have a question for you BenoitRen, How you manged to get your psm games working on 3.60?

      • SilicaAndPina

        BaltaazaR4 By never deactivating his system.

        • BaltazaR4

          Well SilicaAndPina, even if he didnt deactivate, I talked to some other Devs and people about this and the answer was psm games stop working a few versions ago

  4. Hipster


  5. XRGR

    I having a problem, every time i change to second account i need active games in PSN section in settings. is possible fix that?

  6. jedifire11

    I backed up my spare account that was on my Vita and the switched to my psn account that has my digital library associated with it. Only problem is, after setting up this account on the Vita, I’ve lost my bubble for Adrenaline. I tried adding another bubble with the ePSP bubble installer and reinstalled Adrenaline, but the application says it’s still installed. And the bubble is nowhere to be found on the livearea. Any ideas?

  7. Emil

    i deleted may psn account without saving it using dis acct manager T_T how can i create a new psn acct without updating my software im in 3.60 help pls


      To create a new account I think it’s faster and easier to do it on your pc, after that, all you have to do is login to your newly created account on your vita.

  8. Brandon

    I have my Vita modded. I’m unable to remove the PSN account that was on there. How can I remove it and then enter my account?