PS4 Firmware 4.71 released


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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Giga says:

    Damm ! Hackers just want show off

    • Fallenleader says:

      What is the basis of that comment?

      This update more than likely patches Stack Clash which affected many nix variants and would allow root access, something Sony definitely doesn’t want users to have access to, as root = kernel access aka full exploitation. Think Henkaku/A9LH/B9Loader/M33/TN/insert fully hacked device CFW here.

      • spok says:

        it doesnt matter if it patches any exploit or not – all “PS4 hackers” are just attention whores like Racer – no proof but trash talk:(

  3. Pengas says:

    Looking forward to seeing whats in store also Third!!!

  4. Panda says:

    Been waiting for months for a PS4 4.xx based homebrew loader to be made. You’d think that once they found a kernel exploit it’d have already been made by now.

    Then again, I’m not particularly picky about it and I know there’s probably lots of effort/time going into such a project in secret. (I hope) If anything I’m glad that it’s only a matter of time.

    • Fallenleader says:

      Qwerty did mention the idea was to sit on the sploit for as long as possible to allow the library of games to grow on the device.

      The faster a sploit gets burned, the faster it gets patched.
      While one sploit can be sufficient to find another one, general rule of thumb is that having a sploit patched makes future exploitation that much harder, whereas releasing a patched sploit costs the finder nothing aside from the time it took to make it work on that device.

      If <= 4.70 is vulnerable to stack clash, we might see a sploit because chances are 4.71 most likely patched it.

      • Panda says:

        I understand that all too well. The 3DS hacking scene taught me that lesson.

        Still, if I’m not mistaken one of the sploits had been fixed in some fashion on 4.55, so that’s at least one out of the count.

        • Fallenleader says:

          4.55 patched a webkit (usermode) sploit IIRC (don’t quote me. I have to check my statement)
          4.70 patched QWERTY’s primitive (possibly another usermode sploit or part of his 0-day kxploit)
          4.70 lacks a usermode sploit , and I will NOT provide further details due to trust, but there are people working on porting stack clash, but 4.70 needs Usermode for it to be ported to it.
          Any possible CVE’s for 4.70’s webkit would be really nice to know about, so I can share it with them.
          It’s pretty safe to assume 4.71 patches Stack Clash (which we are temporarily dubbing Super Sash Stack 4.70 as a joke)

      • solo says:

        Qwerty did mention the idea was to sit on the sploit for as long as possible to allow the library of games to grow on the device.

        What logic is that? What good is a huge library of potentially playable games, if you can’t play them, because the xploit is not released???

  5. huehuehuehuehue says:

    Well it’s not a 4.5x update we’re seeing from Sony, but rather a 4.71. So there was nothing Sony deemed critical of patching.

    Nothing of value was lost. Just give up.

  6. PSTV-wood-sporter says:

    There has to be a private hack on the PS4. I have seen game isos for going on a year. Xbox1 same thing. It’s got to be a super secret, private circle of the “in” crowd. Might even include Sony employees for that matter.

  7. hrosales says:

    Considering Flash Sales and offers from time to time on the PSN, it does not make any sense to buy a second PS4 for piracy games, it make sense for homebrews, but in the scene, any hack mean piracy games unfortunately.

  8. Bakaneko says:

    It’s a long time to wait for PS4 hack.
    Sony security system is too good 😀 rip hackers

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