6.61 Adrenaline-5.1 released – Various bug fixes and ability to skip the Adrenaline boot logo


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  1. Albert Covington

    Does anyone know if PSX playback has been fixed? I’m still on the the 3.1 version of Adrenaline after hearing V4 had bugs with PSX running too slow. Anyone know if this has been fixed?

    • Jgr9

      If you’re talking about performance, then yes it was fixed in the last update if you have it set to Original. It’s still not 100% perfect, but that’s Sony’s fault, not Adrenaline’s.

    • Fallenleader

      You should really try using Retroarch (specifically PSX ReArmed) for PSX emulation. much better emulation IMO compared to using an emulator to run an emulator.

      • warfaren

        PSX on Adrenaline is an emulator in an emulator? Does it not work like TN-X did, where it used the native Vita PS1 emulator?

  2. falaschi

    its fixed (using official filter). Test it!

  3. redblade67

    Keep it guys , I love you guys :’)

  4. Anticon

    Finally fixed the pstv network update issue, that’s awesome & music to my ears, thanks as usual the flow & wololo

  5. Primeiro, obrigado th flow pelo seu trabalho…

  6. Bug of invisible exit menu on ps1 games, using original filter, still there…

  7. Fallenleader

    Would be nice if the 444MHz patch was OPTIONAL as PSTV is external power which is not a concern. Vita I could see this, though some people don’t care about 1 hour less battery thanks to portable battery chargers.

  8. PSTV-wood-sporter

    Saying thanks and still sporting wood!
    *It couldn’t be put down on a bet right now. Haha

  9. warfaren

    Save battery life on a PSTV? 😛

  10. Callum Chandler


  11. bigbow

    On adrenaline 5.51 i am getting error 80010005 on ps1 games when watching a video/cgi cutscene in some right at the start like Fox logo in Die Hard or capcom in RE2 or later and lot of games that were working before are not running at all. On PSTV from usb or memory card the same problem.
    And another thing not really an issue but turning on smooth in adrenaline menu on PS1 games changes screen ration.

    tried to post on github but no luck

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