Nintendo Switch hack: ReSwitched team say they have working exploits on the latest 3.0 Firmware


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  1. qawd

    if it could play backups, im buying a switch

  2. xkwynx

    honestly i hope they keep this to themselves, i want the switch to succeed and that won’t happen if people keep circumventing the security, don’t get me wrong a few years down the road i wouldn’t mind playing emulators on my switch or homebrew games, but until the system has had time to flourish i wish the scene would leave well enough alone

    • zad

      this type of comment again. Have you ever heard of the 3ds?

      • Ethan Weegee

        Not a great example; the 3DS is pretty slow unless you have an N3DS.

        • Natalie

          Who said anything about being slow lol. He simply said that the 3DS has more than likely sold more consoles due to the fact that it’s hackable.

          • Vatrak

            Which doesn’t matter because they don’t make their money on consoles sold, but on games sold through licensing fees.
            They could have sold 300m 3DSs, it wouldn’t matter if everybody is pirating *** lol

      • xkwynx

        i have a 3ds.. and honestly there’s not much outside of piracy going on with exploits for that system. aside from that the 3ds has a massive install base where as the switch is relatively small comparably. we don’t need a working hack on the switch.. we need to let it become a competent system or it’ll be the dreamcast all over again.

      • 0ver_flow

        The first real 3DS hack aside from Brickway was in 2014. The point is the Switch just released this year. I agree that we should be doing everything, but this is a bad counter example.

    • PSTV-wood-sporter

      Have you ever heard the saying “want in one hand and poop in the other, and see which one fills up first?
      Sorry to be mean especially if someone is a fanboy but the Switch sux.

      • Yakubi

        You can keep that opinion to yourself of course. But might I ask how it sucks? People like you usually respond that “It’s underpowered.” but that is a really weak statement The switch is still selling rapidly nowadays because it’s portable and small. And, there are huge AAA games coming to the Switch to boot.

    • Jack Attack

      The PS3 didn’t get cracked until over half its lifespan and it had a TERRIBLE first half. The PSP didn’t do poorly initially because it was cracked soon but because Sony was being stupid in the games it brought. Despite homebrew and piracy THRIVING through its entire lifespan it sold a staggering amount of handhelds in a market that ONLY Nintendo used to dominate. The DS was also pirated very early and was mass adopted. Didn’t seem to hurt it or most decent software devs.

      The Vita was already abandoned when Vita piracy arrived and it did terrible. (Gee, Sony mucking things up again.)

      I mean, I could go on but you’ve already been served. Get educated. Think logically.

      Piracy is a sales boogeyman. If you’re having a hard time pushing units it has very little to do with Piracy and Piracy is just a symptom of the bigger problem.

      I’m not saying piracy is a victimless crime and people shouldn’t steal, obviously, but it’s stupid to think it actually affects things to any significant degree; let alone more than poor business decisions.

      Nintendo is being VERY slow with the virtual console side of things, obviously going for their paid service version first. So it’s naturally going to attract a HUGE amount of homebrew interest purely because Nintendo is continuing to drag their feet on content people want to pay for and play. That is what’s hurting them, not the system being cracked, however early.

      Early piracy would be unfortunate if it happened but it won’t be a system killer. Nintendo’s handling of their storefront will be.

    • codebase7

      Not getting to it early means potentially missing out on easier to get running exploits and dumb oversights in the code that WILL get patched at some point regardless as to whether or not the scene uses them. (More like, they’ll get preemptively patched the second some dev looks at the code again.) That means it gets harder to hack later on, after the code has had time to be hardened.

      Granted, the devs may decide to call it quits and torpedo the system if it gets hacked past a certain point too early, but that’s also a risk to the devs. They run the risk of loosing consumer trust, and not being able to sell future systems. They also risk loosing the interest of third party publishers, who won’t want to release titles on system who’s devs can’t keep secure. Do this too many times and they risk bankruptcy. So even if the system gets hacked they have a reason to keep it going regardless.

      Besides it’s not a question at this point whether or not a system will get hacked or not, (spoiler alert: It will be.) so pretty much the entire industry is aware that eventually a system will get hacked. Whether or not that’s an unfixable hack (like boot9hax, or the Trucha Bug), or a temporary hack (like the current henkaku, or the various 360 dashboard bugs) is still open for debate, but that’s not something easily predicted. So you can’t base business decisions on it ahead of time. You have to roll the dice, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and see what the scene pumps out. So as far as Nintendo is concerned right now, it’s not much of a threat. (Especially since there’s no public backup loader yet.) Still something to keep an eye on and patch when able, but it’s not too worry some yet.

      Finally, it’s also worth noting that in some places you still can’t find the system in stock anywhere. (The stores can’t get them in quick enough.) So, as long as that’s the case, Nintendo definitely isn’t about to stop supporting the things. (Although, they might want to pick up the pace a bit, there’s too much of a lack of games on this sold out system, and that’s a big double edged sword way too close to the throat. Wait too long to start really pumping games out for it, and people will start believing they have another Vita on their hands. Especially the ones that have had the system since launch day.)

  3. MyPetFrog

    Desperate to get emulation working on this, my Gamecube catalogue is ready and waiting!!! The dream of playing Mario Charged Strikers on my Switch is hopefully not far away….

  4. finder

    You sure it is working with 1.0 firmware? I am on 1.0 but cannot find any captive portal

  5. John

    I think I’ll just wait for new releases of these tools. I’d rather have many tools that I can access immediately. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. Fimo

    PegaSwitch is nothing more that an userland exploit, right ?

  7. Eppoly

    I wonder why console developers keep using Webkit, if they really care about piracy…

  8. Dark5hroud

    Cant wait for someone 2 bring out FTP and video player lol.

  9. Phearoz

    THIS is the type of reason I visit Wololo every day. So excited now; my wallet soon may be 400$ lighter….

    Come on homebrew, emulators, and, of course, backups!!!

  10. Trob

    So is it save to update to the latest FW and still have Hb as a option later down the line? (on 1.0 atm)

    • Code_Eye

      you have a better time at 3.0 than 1.0 if you actually plan on using your switch in the meantime, as 1.0 is extremely limited compared to the rest in general usage.
      also you can buy games in the eshop, update games, and play games without it forcing you to update again.
      just make sure you dont hit update when it prompts you. only update games via the details menu of the game to prevent confusion(also disable auto update in settings).

  11. Vatomalo

    @qawd who cares about piracy as long as i can have moonlight on it, it will be all i need for the switch really!
    But for now my Psvita more than suffices

  12. Brian Escobar

    There’s no point for me to hack the switch if the switch is already region free and the games I could just buy it on the Nintendo e-shop all I got to is just wait for the games to come out. I know with the hacking you can do a lot of cool stuff that the console prevent you of doing but with the switch since it’s region free I don’t really have the need of hacking the this cool hybrid console, it’s already badass as it is.

  13. AeonRipper

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