Adrenaline Bubble Booter released! Boot PSP games directly from LiveArea on 3.60 with Adrenaline


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  1. Frank

    Wow! I’m going to try it right now.

  2. Zorax

    Awesome, finaly! Thank you very much!

  3. Donopatay

    This procedure is too much work. Just boot Adrenaline and choose your PSP game inside there. Waaaay more easier.

    • Lucke

      I agree. I´ll wait for a more automated way.

      • warfaren

        Seriously guys? I guess you never used any of the old bubble hacks, they were wayyyy harder. Besides, the first 5 steps is a one time thing to install the plugin, which is a one-time thing. You only need to repeat the last 4 steps whenever you want to add a new bubble.

  4. PoliteTimesplitter

    Tried using it earlier to no avail (it would boot Adrenaline, but not the game), but others have gotten it to work so it’s definitely user error on my end. Going for a fresh reinstall of Adrenaline and trying again from there – thanks for the more clear instructions!

    This is a great release, because as far as I’m aware, this gives Adrenaline the ONLY feature that ARK had that Adrenaline didn’t.

    • PoliteTimesplitter

      update: yeah, after a full reinstall of adrenaline this isn’t working out. After following the instructions my epsp bubbles don’t boot the games my .txt files point them to (I’ve tried one with an ISO and one with an EBOOT), they just…launch adrenaline as if I had launched my main adrenaline bubble. Any tips?

      Also of note, they DO differentiate whether the config.txt asks for adrbblbooter.suprx and adrbblbooter_nodatscreen.suprx because with the latter, the ‘Adrenaline’ image is skipped before it just launches into standard Adrenaline.

  5. Bergot

    For the clone method..use Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd 1.4

  6. YouWelcome

    Here if you tried to make it you can Watch This : Psv OneGameOneBubble Developer lalalanno

  7. YouWelcome

    this Version no need Hekaku to run and it use ark-2 Qwicrazor89 with lalalannno

  8. Percy

    great work! now just waiting for someone who can upload a video tutorial how to install this.

  9. reddragonemperor

    too bad i only have 8gb memory for my vita, will stick to PSP emulator on my phone to save some space on my vita.

  10. nebu_187

    @AURORA its Voila not Viola 🙂

  11. Zm1868178

    I have tried and tried to get this to work. I managed to get it to work once but had to reinstall adrenaline now I can’t get it working again. All it ever does is launches the xmb never launches the game the plugin works because if I set the nostartdat plugin the bootlogo goes away but it still launches the xmb I’m using the same exact txt files in the bubbledb folder that I used when it did work

    • Red9419

      That’s pretty much my exact problem too currently. Hopefully someone is able to help us out.

  12. Everton

    It only works when I set the adrenaline bubble as the game’s boot bubble. then it opens the iso of my choice instead of adrenaline. it just doesn’t work when I set any other psp bubble as the game boot…..

  13. Everton

    yY do i only get it to work when the bubble selected to directly boot ??? ??the game is the same as adrenaline’s?

  14. Filippo94

    Huge thanks, now all my wipeout games have their own icon, and their dedicated page 😀

  15. MrSephi

    For some reason, the linked site and wololo have different instructions. The linked site implies that it will make a new bubble which seems to be wrong. So confusing…

  16. MrUnlucky

    I fought with this all day and finally figured out what was wrong.
    For everyone whose bubbles launch Adrenaline and not your game:
    1. the text file in the db folder *does* need to have “ms0:/” and not just “ms0:”
    2. make sure you don’t have a leftover space at the end of the file path. “ms0:/PSP/GAME/FFVII/EBOOT.PBP” will work, “ms0:/PSP/GAME/FFVII/EBOOT.PBP ” will not.

  17. Zorax

    So, i’m guessing it is possible to make an automatic bubble generator where you can choose from the list of games you have in the ISO folder and get a bubble as a result.

  18. Biff627

    No matter what I do it just wont work. I just get a C2-12828-1 error after setting it up, even with the manager. Looks like im just gonna wait for a video tut