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Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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    This is amazing! Thank you!

  2. Albert C. says:

    YES!! Finally. $ony was so stupid for not implementing a Copy/Paste service or at least browser downloading by default.

    • drd7of14 says:

      Copy/Paste? That’s still not implemented.

      • Yattoz says:

        I think Albert makes reference to the fact that, with Henkaku, in the parameters, you can write an URL to the file you want to download. If the Vita had Copy/Paste, we could just paste the URL of the file we want to download within this interface. But that’s not the case. So this plugin makes things really easy and handy.

  3. thowersome says:

    Damn, this Vita scene is getting better and better. Making me want to buy a Vita TV at my local Exchange.

  4. Re says:

    Finally first
    Thank you the flow

  5. lien says:

    So? Is this like download from the web browser? or from the settings?

  6. Dg8 says:

    THIS and a way to use the Vita as a bt controller will make world go round

  7. jotax says:

    cool, but, obsolete browser no party :/

  8. temp says:

    Will this feature be included by default in the new Henkaku ?

  9. Rail says:

    First and nice plugins

  10. Eddie says:

    First!! Great job

  11. Bogart says:

    downloading .rar & 7z files are useless, though. the vita can’t extract those with vitashell.

    • Filippo94 says:

      If I recall correctly PSP Filer is acutually able to open .rar files. You’re right about .7z though, as far as I know…

  12. Chrisser says:

    can i change the download direction?
    all downloads are in “photos” :s

  13. Q13E5 says:

    Now i can theoretically download things to my vita, then transfer them to the PC later. Nice.

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