PS Vita hack: HENkaku Ensō Beta allegedly leaked, we recommend NOT to install


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  1. anon says:

    be a good buy and post a link

  2. NoThanks says:

    Uh, ya. Think I’ll wait for an official release.

  3. Greyfox says:

    This seems completely pointless. Of course we are not going to install unfinished software from a leak that WILL hurt your vita. That is wrong in soo many ways. I respect developers who take their time to make sure everyone has a quality experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am not a developer and cant do the things that they do.

  4. psvitabackfromrip says:


  5. James and the peach says:

    What is wrong with you leakers. You expect some kinda praise for leaking this? You think your a hero? Your being foolish, your going to damage peoples property. Do not get discouraged developers of Enso, I will not be downloading this til its official from you all. Your hard efforts are recognized and we admire your hard patience and time. Who ever did this has no respect for you all.

    • counterchild says:

      “damage peoples property.” , you know that it can be used regards the sony right?, do not unlock the vita, only use the updated system, do not “damage peoples property”, dood, are u a child?

      • adover1965 says:

        It’s DUDE, ***!! Go Back To School! Hooked On Phonix Worked For Me…..

      • James and the peach says:

        “You know that it can be used regards the sony rights?,” – “Sony” “regard- concern or attention or consider or think” How does what you say work exactly? Is it A. You know that it can be used (concerned) to the Sony rights? B. You know that it can be used (attention) to the Sony rights? C. You know that it can be used (considered) to the Sony rights? or D. You know that it can be used (thinking) to the Sony rights? I’ll take “Considering the people” for 100 Alex. Dood – (Dude)

    • yoshi314 says:

      personally, i think that if someone wants to try the leaked version – let him. just make sure he knows the risks and does it on their own responsibility.

      then again, someone might market it to users who are not very up to date with vita hacking and potentially brick their consoles. because this is a great clickbait material.

      the leak was bound to happen sooner or later, no need to spew hate on whoever did this. this is just a byproduct of the hype.

  6. JulienKoenig says:

    It’s still not very wise to leak it.
    We know what happened after the Vitamin leak..
    It’s okay if it was a challenge for him/her, but he/she shouldn’t made it public.

    Thanks Wololo for the warning, and because it’s not said often enough:
    Thanks to all Devs who keep the vita alive, if it wasn’t for you, my vita would still rot in a corner.

    • None says:

      yeah, i think it was an unnecessary leak, it was going to be realeased anyway, but for me its ok to let it be a public test, just let the guys know about the risks about brick, and it should be ok.

  7. NotAHater says:

    hackers who hack code and leak it complaining about getting their code hacked and leaked… kinda funny…

    maybe some people wanted to try the beta and NOT have their console ID on record and readily available to other hackers…


  8. fuleaker says:

    Leaker = Son of a B…

  9. NanoSpeedGamer says:

    Funciona todo correcto ya lo llevo instalada mi ps vita

  10. Ilyspb says:

    Very sorry that people are so pathetic.

  11. Sohel says:

    Yes i am waiting for an official release.

  12. sfa2miki says:

    Always official releases are better and only in trusted web pages… u_u

  13. sloppycrap says:

    Leaked by silicaandpina. I wouldn’t touch anything from him with a 100-foot pole.

    • d4rk51d3 says:

      Not sure that it was his leak though. Someone else leaked Enso, S&P “cleaned it up” and re-posted it.
      Would have still been prudent to wait for the official release though.

  14. Ilitri says:

    Pillo la pole, pillo hueco y te doy mis dieses shurmano!!

  15. Franz Rogar says:

    I don’t care but… what is that yellow appendix in his/her PSV?

  16. Primula says:

    Didn’t get to say this in the gba thread but… who the heck is silicaandpina beside the fact they are char from SAO the girl and her dragon…

    Also only dl thing from legit sources…

  17. fidosy says:

    Users beware!!

  18. adover1965 says:

    Silica and pina……He’s A ***. Period What He Did Was The Lowest Thing You Can Do.

  19. Toni says:

    A esperar!Gracias Wololo

  20. TheTechDoc says:

    Everyone getting all high and mighty saying the leaker is this and that and getting all on the Morale high ground… didn’t see any of you complaining when vitamin was leaked, pretty sure that day was the most active the vita scene has ever been, and that too had a significant risk of doing damage to your vita..

  21. boypalos says:

    a leak of a software soon to be release is called… EARLY ACCESS.!!! hehehe
    but seriously.. what gives… what do people gain from an unofficial version?

  22. Demian says:

    Myself, as long as it doesn’t come from the original developer I won’t touch any release, leaked or not.

    On the other hand, when Vitamin was leaked, everyone praised the leaker (except the developers of course), so then why the Ensö leaker isn’t praised and hated instead? Kind of a contradiction. I’m not in favor of leaked content coming from the scene, it just means trouble for our consoles and the risk of a brick (as is the case now).

    I can wait until July 30th, after all the hype of the release is getting down (kind of) to download and install Ensö on my Vita, I’d be sure it is a stable release and the risk of a brick would be very inferior than it is right now. Would’ve liked to be a bug-hunter but didn’t knew about the beta testing up until a week or so.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      Since this software can potentially brick your Vita, this is why people are not happy with this being leaked since unknowing people would install it than complain to the developer that it bricked their Vita when it wasn’t his fault.

  23. Nightman says:

    This is why we can’t​ have nice things

  24. Sonyfanboy says:

    I am the one who leaked those files anybody want a copy.

  25. CanadianAidan says:


  26. infern says:

    By telling people not to click the link is the worse thing that could’ve been done in this situation.

    Yes the source works, yes the beta runs fine.

    By telling people not to, you are just giving it more publicity. Just like when movie studios get forced over leaks.

    Should’ve either
    a) Not said anything, ignored the leak until it became traction. People wouldn’t be searching otherwise
    b) The team should have released a public beta in response, shutting the leakers down

    • Think says:

      It’s his duty as the biggest vita blog site to report the hacking scene news to us, not hide things. What a moronic response.

      Besides, leak has 0 effect, yifanlu doesn’t care except for the fact that the leaker is a fool who doesn’t show any respect.

  27. DJPlace says:

    wow this is ******* stupid.

  28. Mustapha ali says:


  29. MegumiGumi says:

    Dmn it would be great if you told them that this guy too is the one who release Harry potter lego that reformat everyone M Card

  30. Bob says:

    What I don’t understand is, why release the unfinished version when the developers are planning on releasing the stable and complete version?

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