GTA Remastered Controls Patch v2 released for PSVita/PSTV


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  1. NoName

    “Somehow, GTA Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories got ported to the PSP back in the days.”
    They were actually made for the PSP and then ported to the PS2.

  2. Schpoo

    Those games weren’t ported to the PSP, they were developed for the PSP and released there first.

    • wololo

      Yup, apologies for this, we’ll fix the article!

    • MegumiGumi

      Dmn move on noob it doesnt matter where this thing release what matters is that they manage to improve a lil bit on controls

  3. acidmango

    Is this better than camera_patch_lite plugin?

  4. Pepperidge Farm

    Do you remember the GTA liberty city stories hack? Pepperidge farm remembers…

  5. Julio

    Actually the best way to play gta on the go would be an android handheld(gta vc/sa) or the gpd win windows handheld, if you want to play gta 4 (or 5 in low res mode).

  6. Pax

    Wont work for me in gta vcs ULES00502S92F

  7. Tripa master

    I would say first but a I’m holding a blue shell

  8. sweglordzzzz

    I wish the cheatdevice + scene around the cheatdevice was still around, was so much fun with all those dumb cheats (like riding walls and levitating ppl… like in saints row 4)
    but well…

  9. nebu_187

    I dont understand the control patches since u can assign other buttons to the right analog stick in the official menu

  10. Bya

    They werent ported they were native developed for the PSP.

    Later a PS2 Port appeared.

  11. Varun

    How do I copy the patch to the Ps VIta?

  12. Kayla

    If I bought gta vcs from the ps store can I play that without using adrenaline & use the controls patch?

  13. We all have such ways to have the gta game here.

  14. Pax

    To everyone who cant make it to work, turn on plugins by go to recovery menu (click select button in xmb) and then recovery menu/advanced/advanced configuration/game plugins set it to enabled and remember to type ms0:/ not ux0:/ in game.txt

  15. osedk

    Nice article