Xbox One savegame modding tool released


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  1. Jawsh

    Having to re-apply variables on every level has been a limitation in every CoD game going back to at least CoD 4, its not specific to this tool. Its part of the engine

    • Java25i

      This is true people used to use save sets that were pre-modded to save the pain of having to remod after each mission its expected.

  2. XbOneGamer

    i cant wait till other games are released. this is so badass lel

  3. X X X X

    Its too risky to try, i have to send my login and pass to the app and those info where it goes? I cant trust on this app because its free.

  4. Pirate Cat

    Neat if legit. I like that it’s aimed solely at offline/single player play.

  5. nakedfaerie

    Doesnt work, just a green eye then a black box

  6. nakedfaerie

    Ok, it was a corrupt download so working now.
    Its only COD Remastered, only 1 game.
    I got that on PS4 not XboxOne so its of no use to me but its a good start.
    Hopefully more games come out for it soon

  7. Bob

    So you must login to a downloaded app… I think I’ll pass.
    You know this will be harvesting login details

  8. Just tried it can confirm that this works cant wait to see where this goes been wanting xbox one mods for awhile this is just the start of whats to come 🙂

  9. PermaNull

    This is not safe, due to their usage as well as restrictions to the Xbox Live API they send your Xbox LIVE credentials to their server before forwarding to Microsoft’s API.

    Meaning there should be a warning that they or anyone who compromises their remote system will have the ability to log your Xbox ID and Password.

    I suspect they’re simply using the TitleStorage API and a ‘creator’ account from Microsoft with some title-id spoofing or something of the sort.

    • PermaNull

      To clarify on the restrictions, when signing up for an Xbox API account (Creator or ID@Xbox) you’re required to provide the IP address you’ll be making your requests from they’re just acting as the man in the middle between it to overcome this, meaning I expect their account to be closed pretty soon if this upsets Microsoft in any way.


    hopefully they make it for all Xbox one games not just COD.

  11. helly

    this actually only works on Play Anywhere titles, so it’s going to be for very, very select titles.

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