Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

The big reveal: TheFlow is actually Total_Noob, promises some huge release in September


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  1. SmurfyD says:

    Was just reading this news on the henkaku reddit and wondering when it’d show up here.

  2. Demian says:

    Myself, I’m a “total_newbie” on the PSP/PS Vita scene. Didn’t had a PSP up until a year or so (now I own five of them), but right now it’s my main emulation handheld. I’m so into old-school games, but mainly from Nintendo systems (NES, SNES, N64, GB/GBC, GBA) and also NDS, 3DS, as those are the systems I grew up with, and I own at least one of each of them as of today, but on my teenager days that was just a dream.

    Being able to remember is something I can’t pay for enough to anyone, just too many good memories. Thanks to everyone making that possible.

    I’d like to learn how to do it myself and be able to contribute somehow. Thank you all…

  3. Moti says:

    That is so sick!!! Btw first?!!!

  4. ygtcan says:

    PS3 Native emulator 😛

  5. Azoz says:

    Man, He got the flow when came back … 😉
    Can’t wait for the announcement. Would’ve been cool if it was on the same time as Sony’s E3 conference or Experience.

  6. f4 says:

    Spoiler alert!
    In September, he reveals that he is Dark_Alex. 😛

  7. itsoh says:

    please, please, fix the screen size/ratio issues with adrenaline for ps1 games on vita tv! im still using 3.1 because all newer versions are not fullscreen in 4:3.

  8. VitaForever says:

    Yay! I started way back with a Vita and the first exploits on this site waiting for a ninja release, then I wanted to try out a jb PS3 and enjoyed that scene. Now I’m back here on this site again with a 3.60 vita and pstv. Total Noob owns! thx

  9. UnseenCyborg says:

    But why did he become TheFlow instead of just releasing his work as Total _Noob?

    • MeatSafeMurderer says:

      I think he wanted a fresh start. I’ll let you dig up his history…but lets just say he hadn’t made himself terribly popular.
      I say fair play to him. He’s certainly redeemed himself.

    • jm8080 says:

      Because back when was still using the Total_n00b name, he repeatedly says “this is my last work I will release blah blah blah” but then still comeback again and again and release another and say the same thing again to the point that it becomes ridiculous.

  10. juniorpsvita says:

    Dark Alex=hack native psp
    I´m like name( Total_Noob) Big impact / Total_Noob best hacks psvita/ecfw psp&ps1.
    ynfan-lu / molecule= hack native psvita
    Michael Jackson=king pop
    the flow=+/- no impact.
    sorry my inglish.

  11. Henri_MTL says:

    If I were not a man, I would like marry me to TheFlow, this guy is terrific 🙂 Thans a lot for his great work!

  12. ZpectroO says:

    Maybe its secret is to create new themes that modify the interface…

  13. solidsnake says:

    It was pretty obvious from the moment I installed adrenaline that I was using TN-V. That also means that I donated for TN-V twice! Ha ha ha. But worth it.

  14. alpmaster says:

    Whatever happened to the PS1 Bubble that loaded the TN-X?

  15. mangosteam says:

    maybe ability to dump new games on ps vita that would be so cool☺

  16. Greyfox says:

    “That ninja is total noob!” ” You mean total noob from zansibar???”

  17. anonanon says:

    Lol this is hilarious. He was so reluctant to release the source code of tn-v, yet he’s released it under another username

    • meysam25 says:

      i know its not make sence

    • anon? says:

      maybe he was reluctant about TN-V just because he didn’t want to reveal total_noob = TheFlow.
      As it’s been mentioned, it would be very obvious that TN-V and Adrenaline are essentially the same thing from looking at the source code.
      Then, people would blame TheFlow for stealing, or deduce that total_noob is TheFlow.

      • anonanon says:


        I’m talking pre Adrenaline. TN was a total asshat until he for some reason turned over a new leaf as TheFlow

      • anonanon says:


        I’m talking pre Adrenaline. TN was a total a**hat until he for some reason turned over a new leaf as TheFlow

  18. meysam25 says:

    yes i am surprise but i know what he will be releas .
    its going to be premanent vita cfw 🙂

  19. L says:

    What happened to the Zett? Why doesn’t he write articles for Wololo anymore?

    • Predator0808 says:

      Just like TheFlow is Total_Noob, Aurora is The Zett. I’m really glad to hear, that these guys buried the war ax. Thanx again for awesome work, without you guys PS Vita scene will be doomed! Cheers!

      • L says:

        What? Since when? It says in Aurora’s bio she is a girl. The Zett was a dude. No way they’re the same person.

        • sweglordzz says:

          everything can change over time

        • invaderyoyo says:

          Aurora is trans, but there’s no way they’re the same person. Aurora is Italian an TheZett is German.

          • L says:

            Is the Aurora the one that writes articles here on Wololo the same Aurora that developed Lumad CFW for 3ds?

        • Sneedy says:

          Yes, Aurora is The_Zett, too many proofs like article images etc.zett just got too much hate, so here is Aurora. I always knew he had some kind of issues with his orientation cuz of his voice and accent.

  20. Salar says:

    Well That was odd 😀 so should we still call him theFlow or Total_noob ?
    anyway , thanks for all of your hard work
    i guess enso will come to a stable release and with something like that , perhaps more doors will be open for others to see thro

  21. Binbo says:

    Thanks for the article, wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

  22. Megumihan says:

    Well As long is not AC!d Snake who ask for donation

    • atreyu187 says:

      I offered him a free pstv and he refused as it wasn’t a Vita. Said *** it and gave to RetroARCH Team, much better​ choice anyhow imo

  23. ☬SKGleba says:

    Adrenaline will be released for higher firms

  24. Hwka says:

    I guess Enso will release.

    But i am really interested in a downgrader method. Something like the E3 flasher on ps3…

    • Megumihan says:

      there are only 1 way to downgrade your PSV buy a board you should go to reddit vita topic. there are info there about downgrade

  25. reaver goyscript says:

    ark, henkaku or molecule for psvita 3.65 with advanced homebrew features

  26. Iknowmore says:

    So, TheFlow and Total_N00b are Andy Nguyen himself! Daaamn keep it up Andy!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I wish it will be downgrade to 3.60

  28. HyperionZ says:

    I like it, reminds me of DaX with M33 lol. Although TN and a few others are now keeping thetwo dead consoles alive, vita and psp. Tn > dax Would be super funny if TN actually said he was Dark Alex just to kid around.

  29. Jamaicol says:

    TN-X for 3.60!

  30. Ethan Weegee says:

    “IT’S JUST A PRANK BRO!!” -TheFlow, September 2017

  31. James Comby says:

    These boys​ that post under an alias usually live at home with momma and daddy. Here’s an idea ladies use your real name noobs.

  32. t206 says:

    PSV Keys 🙂

  33. nebu_187 says:

    im hoping for usb support for hdd on pstv

  34. KiraSlith says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised. There where hints, little slip-ups, and the fact they wrote similarly and reacted the same exact way to greedy communists telling him off for not sharing.

  35. sephiroth says:

    Cps3 full speed / Dreamcast Emu / Dolphin emu
    Street Fighter III = full speed
    Dreamcast = Shen mue
    Dolphin= Resident Evil 4
    my day happy.

  36. Francisco M says:

    The release of TN-F in September !

  37. 4c1d3uRn says:

    what is with the good old “timemacihine”?
    boot 1.00 FW on my PsTv would so crazy :):):)

  38. ☬SKGleba says:

    The flow is a transgender too.

  39. Dbzgts says:

    The biggest things for psvita scene maybe we can decrypt the pkg file from PC and then play it in his own cfw that he created

  40. animeweeb says:

    TheFlow is Total_Noob, Aurora is The_Zett, let the truth be told!

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