PS4 4.70 firmware update released


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  1. SadHacker says:

    The scene will come soon.

    Soon to Ps6.

  2. kalis says:

    When hack for ps vita 3.65???? Pleaseeee

    • ZeroSbr says:

      You’re in for a long wait. Hackers are still working on 3.60, and there’s no cool features unique to 3.65 to motivate the scene to move onto it.

    • megumihan says:

      it won’t happen nub if it happen then it will take decades as they say 5 to 10 years

    • natesnape says:

      They’re not focusing on hacking any firmware above 3.60, the focus right now is to play games that require 3.60+ on 3.60.

  3. Jerk says:

    I’m not sure why Sony even bothers with the ‘stability’ updates. It’s been nearly 5 years and the console is still basically unhacked. You won’t find CFW or backups anywhere, and I doubt you ever will unless someone from the inside decides to leak something like with PS3.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      It’s hacked, but not on any recent firmware. It is a good question, though, as to why Sony puts out stability updates anymore. Everyone who is keen to the hacking scene will abstain from updating, and the people who do update likely have no interest in hacking.

      • Crzo says:

        “Everyone who is keen to the hacking scene will abstain from updating, and the people who do update likely have no interest in hacking.”

        This is where you are totally wrong, everytime a new kernel exploit gets released for ANY console and then later patched there is always thousands of people updating their devices right away and then asking how to hack them.

        Have seen hundreds of comments of people asking for HENkaku 3.63/3.65 let alone 3DS where we have had countless kernel exploits released and yet there is still people asking how to hack the newest firmware everyday…

    • nurkay says:

      it is not even 4 years old (3 years and 6 months.

  4. bryan james says:

    people keep on hoping for hack on ps4. there’s not even a hack for ps3 slim after all these years.

  5. Abdul Ajij says:

    Iam curious, what happen when your ps4 in 4.55 success hacked from trick Qwertyoruiop ? free games ?

    • Crzo says:

      There has been a kernel exploit for 1.76 for like 2 years already and there is no “free games” on that firmware…

      Having a new kernel exploit released at this point won’t make an iso loader appear magically.

  6. Fallenleader says:

    For those not following his twitter, this update patched the primitive QWERETY was using for his exploit.
    His actual exploit remains unpatched (this means no release for those who can’t read).
    In English, this simply means he had to find a new primitive, (or entry point if you will) to trigger his actual 0-day.
    He also further mentioned his reasoning for holding onto this and not releasing (though I think it’s only part of the reason personally): Allowing the library of games grow while the exploit is still valid.
    This patch according to him, is likely because when he was first testing things out, he believes he accidentally let a crash log slip out to Sony.
    That being said, if you are researching possible vulrns, make sure you have the device set to not send crash logs to Sony, or just pull the device offline entirely.

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