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6.61 Adrenaline 4.1 released!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. ZeroSbr

    Yes! More progress!

  2. have we all given this dude some money yet? hmmmm? have we?

  3. Tonbo

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates, especially the memory card adapter.

    I recently finished Jeanne D’Arc on Adrenaline, huge fan of this genre, been in love with it since FF Tactics.
    Currently playing Digimon Adventure in Japanese, language is perfect for my level (JLPT N3).

    Big thanks to TheFlow for making this possible.

    • Binbo

      Thanks for the comments, Aurora, Italkgame and Joel16. Looking forward to future updates.

      • Tonbo

        Pretty sure the article topic isn’t list diks that Binbo wants to suk, but whatever.

        • wtf

          pretty sure any of the posts you’ve thanked wololo for hosting on his site that were written by other people that you’ve never credited didn’t tell you to brown nose either

          • Tonbo

            Thank you for being a fan, you can enjoy chewing on my feces as well while you’re here.

  4. Jamaicol

    Does the ps1 games on PS TV have the vibration function enabled?? If not I will continue on 3.20… I ask this because adrenaline is just PSP mode and inside is the ps1…

    • Raine0324

      Yes just like you’re playing native psx on PS TV

    • Tricolor633

      What do you mean? Controller vibration has been working for me just fine with Adrenaline 4

      • jamaicol

        Just that. As far as I understand adrenaline is on PSP mode, PSP don’t have vibration function. and about a month ago PS1 games inside adrenaline didn’t have sound. Thats was my doubt, if the vibration of the controller works. I’m still using Total-Noobs TN-X just for that, runing PS1 natively.
        Thank you

        • Raine0324

          AFAIK TN-X PSX is on PSP Mode too.

        • Tricolor633

          Yeah, I had that doubt too, but PS1 games inside Adrenaline work and act the same way they do outside Adrenaline. You can see that as, after entering a Ps1 game, when you access the game settings, the settings are unique for each ps1 game and you can choose the game’s own left stick function, memory card settings, etc

  5. Andre

    PS1 speed confirmed still NOT fixed, guys.

  6. sfa2miki


  7. AlejoRGS

    The Tales of Phantasia english patched pbp still doesn’t work, all my hopes killed.

  8. Djdragon44

    Works with Enso Beta, updating via Network/Rebooting all went fine. Great work guys!

  9. animekai

    my pstv gives me error when updating from network update, error 20000006, my psvita fat worked, but my pstv gives me that error. I have checked my wifi settings and all is ok, i had to manually update my pstv, but if there is a new update in the future i might have the same issue, did someone else have this problem?

    • boypalos

      This is the same for my PSTV – hopefully the Adrenaline installer will always be available until it works for PSTV

  10. Tricolor633

    This new update actually ruined Psx screen resizing on PSTV xD It used to be a-ok with the original screen size, as the height would be perfect in 4:3.. all sizes suck now :p i’ve just downgraded and will keep enjoying Adrenaline 🙂

  11. Joseph

    Hey There!

    Im pretty new to this, so please be kind. 🙂 I installed adrenaline 6.61, and a psp game (thug 2 remix) and when i try to save i cant. I tried to save from the adrenaline menu, but it says its not avaiable yet. When i try to save ingame it says that i dont have enough memory. I have like 5 gbs of free space and i have the 6.61 version too.
    The thing i did is that is downloaded a savestate with the game’s id and copied to the folder where the other saves have to be. What might the problem be? Please help me out! 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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