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3DS Error Code 002-0102 – Nintendo back with the banhammer on hack users


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41 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    Not first.

  2. Tonbo says:

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

    Wish Nintendo would make more games for the switch instead of this waste of everyone’s time.

    I recently joined the gaming laptop super master race, very excited for cemu emulator now.
    Also looking forward to Disgaea 5 PC version.

    • wtf says:

      finally you credit properly

    • Binbo says:

      Thanks for your comment, TyphoonNeon. Looking forward to future updates.

    • BenoitRen says:

      What are you talking about? Laptops suck for gaming. They’re bottom of the barrel.

      • nebu_187 says:

        lol , gaming laptops are as powerfull as desktops nowadays just more expensive because of compact components

        • Tonbo says:

          I got MSI Titan with SLI GTX 1070 for around £2200, the1080 models were way over my budget.
          I think the Benoit is a bit outdated on the subject.

        • sweglordzz says:

          noteworthy: high end is still worse, except if you use those with a docking station or similar… and those are not like ordinary >laptops<

          the mobile version of a 1080 is still generally worse than a desktop 1080.
          (what i meant in the last part are notebooks that exactly use the desktop components, but they mostly don't have everything in the case)

          others than that they are generally powerful enough for gaming.

          • Tonbo says:

            I got MSI Titan with SLI 1070 for £2200, it’s awesome. I’d choose portability over extra frames any day.
            Currently hoarding peripherals lol.

  3. Hilarious says:

    Who really cares about online functionality when you’re able to run backups? Fair trade I say. Haven’t cared about online with PS3/360/PS4/XOne, and likely never will. Gimme CFW over online any day.

  4. David L. says:

    Does this just ban your 3ds or does it also ban your user account as well? My concern is that I have a hacked 3ds and wondering if this will affect my account for my Switch?

    • Alpmaster007 says:

      Does not stop me from installing Cias lol. If I even cared I would just keep one not modded.

    • ShadowEO says:

      (Fellow commenter from GBATemp here)
      So far the only ban we’ve seen is a console ban, we haven’t seen any NNID bans stemming from this wave yet. So your switch is safe for now, if they pull out the NNID bans, then it may possibly affect the Switch, but the previous NNID bans (from Pokemon) didn’t affect the Wii U of banned players, only their 3DS.consoles.

  5. H4ndy says:

    Simple solution to not get banned:
    Don’t go online.

  6. Speedfreak says:

    BAN BAN Yeah good Job Nintendo. BUT i don´t use Online Cra*p … I Love usefull Homebrew and sometimes pirate a game to test before buying. Simply don´t use Online Services, block all traffic and open only the good ip/ports ex. for FBI and and and … Good to Go, Homebrew Never Die!

  7. Good. You dirty pirates have finally been punished as you should have been years ago. I only wish Nintendo remotely bricked your illegally hacked 3DSes as well. Maybe they will yet, and I’ll laugh when you sue only to be arrested for hacking which is illegal worldwide.

    • code says:

      Not sure if trolling…. but to heck with it.

      Remotely bricking the hardware would be an illegal act committed by the manufacturer regardless as to who it was. Such an act would require the manufacturer to compensate the people affected by their illegal bricking. It would also ensure a lawsuit from multiple consumer protection groups. Nevermind the huge negative PR that would be created as a result. That’s not ok to do, and you “Nintendo Lawyer” should know that.

      Now back to our regular posting….

      Personally, I’ve never understood the banning. In my opinion, that should be reserved for cheaters in online games, not just because they ran something that the manufacturer doesn’t approve of. Previously they even banned eShop access, which is just shooting themselves in the foot from a business perspective. This ban doesn’t seem to do this, so maybe they’ve lost enough money to finally learn their lesson about trying to coax pirates to going legit. But they still have a lot to learn about banning everything. (Seriously, if you’re going to ban them, just ban them for that game, not EVERY game. Banning them doesn’t provide incentive to go legit. It gives incentive to avoid detection, and just because they ran something you don’t like doesn’t mean they broke the rules of the game. (You can run CFW and still follow the rules of the game. The ToS not so much, but CFW in and of itself is not a “risk” to their servers, other players, or anything else for that mater.))

      Nintendo in particular has some pretty badly designed netcode, that they refuse to fix. They rely on the “trusted client” model too much. (I.e. the honor system. All devices are expected to be trustworthy, and remote attestation is always believed. That’s not a good model when the device inevitably gets hacked.) They’ve had this problem for two hardware generations now, and they still refuse to fix it. (Seriously, get some server side verification already….) Only now with the switch, they are demanding money to play online, without fixing the systemic problems with online play.

      Nintendo’s timing for this couldn’t have been worse. Not only is the switch still hard to get, and has very few games available, but with this ban wave, they are setting themselves up for a revenue slump. Why? Because they only “official” way to get unbanned is to buy a new console and create a new NNID. That’s going to take away from their potential switch sales. Nevermind the 3DS has free online, whereas the switch will go paid later this year. Even worse, the 3DS is now completely broken. With the dumping of the bootroms, the 3DS has no more secrets and fixing it requires hardware replacement. Not to mention preventing compromised systems from being able to play new releases. (Something publishers will demand.) This can’t be done and the result still called a “3DS”. Long story short, if it didn’t already, the 3DS now has an expiration date. The switch is a ready to go alternative that hasn’t been compromised (yet), but if you think that the devs at work hacking the thing won’t learn from this, you’re wrong. If anything they’ll be emboldened to make sure Nintendo won’t get anything that could identify a system as hacked. So not only is Nintendo’s timing bad, their alternative is not readily available, their adversaries are going to learn from this, and their partners (the publishers) will soon want assurances that their releases won’t get compromised. If Nintendo doesn’t have some profit decreases as a result of all of this, I’d be impressed.

    • alpmaster007 says:

      These company’s are getting what they deserve for being greedy! I should not have to pay the same price i payed for 3 years ago because of using a different system. Talk about milking franchises such as Pokemon ,Mario,Zelda,Smash Bros.Kirby and Lego. If these game company’s cared for the consumers Virtual Console would be Universal the whole idea of using emulators to profit off people is insane. Their is no difference from emulating on a PC and then charging money for a download!!! Same for $ony and taking out the emotion engine out of the PS3 for less money to produce systems. So initially Playstation 2 is emulated to play on a non backward compatible PS3. So paying $20 for PS2 Classics is justified when i already owned it for the PS2 screw that. Then they have the nerve to only provide certain games of a library of 1000’s of titles. Same for 3DS i should not have to purchase a ambassador system to play 10 GBA games and then never give the choice of buying GBA on Eshop except on Wii U. Here’s a funny thought Nintendo maybe i want to play on my 3DS!!!!. I have would have to say the only one i won’t complain about is Microsoft about gaming. Microsoft got their act together when they included some backwards compatibility to the Xbox One with Xbox 360. $ony on the other hand refused and are losing out on a lot of extra money.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Lol. Nintendo can’t remotely brick a 3DS if it’s not connected to the internet. All one has to do is just turn Wi-Fi off and keep it off. Sorry Mr. Lawyer, you won’t be able to get anyone here in court unless they have no sense. You can take your legal garbage and shove it.

    • Sqlsuperstar says:

      You’re an idiot. Modifying a console is not illegal worldwide. Modding a console piracy

  8. DJPlace says:

    nintendo finally grew some huh? f-ing a-holes…

  9. Viju J Jacob says:

    Detailed & comprehensive post….thanks Wololo…

  10. SilicaAndPina says:

    How dare u be region free!

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  12. Minsy says:

    i think the reason they’re banning user is because they gonna launch the new 2ds o.o

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