Farming Simulator 18 PS Vita & 3DS versions retail and digital release information

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  1. ZeroSbr

    Well, now I can be a farmer on the go. Then again, Harvest Moon exists on the GBA.

    • wazzaby

      and in DS, 3DS, PSP, Android, (iOS and Vita too?)

      • ZeroSbr

        Yeah. Although, I was going for the first handheld to have a Harvest Moon game. Even then, I was wrong. Turns out the original Game Boy got one in 1997.

    • iam666

      is that what Harvest Moon is? i thought it was a game like Zelda

      • Neob

        It was a farm simulater game with sotry and relationship with the villager. If its sounds good I recomend u check the “Stardew Valley”

  2. Tonbo

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

    Wish they make a new Rune Factory game, Harvest Moon + RPG ?! Yes, please.
    I heard the makers went bankrupt or something, shame, really had a lot of fun with that series.

    • Da_Tzheth

      I’m sorry to inform you, but this article was not written by Wololo.

      • Not Tonbo

        Only reason to be sorry for you is to be sorry for yourself, what are you now, internet accuracy police? How about you take your irrelevant remark and shove it up your posterior orifice until your bich itch is relieved. Also you are wrong.

        • Da_Tzheth

          Excuse me little child. Are you mad or just triggered by one sentence? Either way you amuse me. Go back to your mummy nerd!

          • Tonbo

            That was the most generic uninteresting comeback I have ever heard, you think you are clever or funny or something? Cause you are neither, you are just pitiful and lame, I am embarrased to even asociate with a loser like you.

  3. Wolol

    Idk maybe just go outside and plant something… And if you want to use a tractor..pretend your car is one lol

  4. SeverdNerv

    Never understood the fascination with this game….Cant say that i have a Hard on for farming. sorry :/

  5. abc

    Yes, hacking my 3DS is finally worth it.

  6. Realtalk

    Why do you allow articles such as this, Wololo?

  7. Fox

    You’re advertising shovelware now? Wololo has gone downhill

    • Tha_Dat

      Wololo has been going downhill since he introduced The_Zett to his site and articles are being written by a grill.

      • ZeroSbr

        “articles written by a grill”

        By grill, do you mean girl? By girl, do you mean Aurora? Her articles are actually the more interesting and helpful ones these days. What’s wrong with girls writing articles?

    • ZeroSbr

      I made a similar complaint on a similar article. While everyone agreed with me, the author of the article (and this one as well), italkgame, didn’t even address my concern or try to justify his article. I guess Wololo himself approves of these articles, so I doubt they’re going to stop any time soon. Still, we probably should keep letting Wololo and the writers know that we don’t care for articles that don’t pertain to hacking or game deals. Honestly, the way I see it this site was created for hacking news only, nothing about gaming deals or gaming as a whole. Wololo seems to keep making articles about gaming deals, and it has been normalized, so that won’t stop any time soon, but he really should draw the line somewhere.

      We don’t need another GameSpot/GameFAQs, IGN, or Kotaku. If we want general gaming news, we’ll go there.

      • Tonbo

        Do you really think there is a concern among the owners regarding content quality? Wololo is already an established name.

        So yeah… Wololo is being used as a cash cow by filler article authors right now, and Wololo approves and encourages this. It is just business.

        • ZeroSbr

          Wololo is not an established name, unless by that you mean established in the hacking community. The hacking community is a niche community due to the very nature of it. And not all of the articles are filler. Aurora, for example, has made articles on legitimate hacking releases. Wololo himself still posts articles too. The problem is that there are articles that do not relate to hacking at all, and aren’t game deals either. Wololo keeps trying to branch out, but doesn’t realize that there’s no need for another generic gaming news site. When this site used to be dedicated to hacking, that made it special.

          • Tonbo

            Not only you are absolutely oblivious to how a website works and how it is sustained, you are also really dense man to not pick up on such point. Well, whatever, I guess.

      • wololo

        Thanks for the feedback. Although I do read it and take it into account, we have also received some positive comments about writing a bit more about games.
        With that being said, I’ve made it clear with the guest bloggers that the majority of our articles should still be about the hacking community. Checking back, in the past 20 articles, 16 of our articles are about hacking/homebrew, and we’ve had a handful of articles about gaming. I think that’s a fair balance, in particular when pure hacking news are sparse.

  8. Tonbo

    Yeah, I that’s why I never turn off my adblock plus, they keep pushing out articles about nothing to generate ad revenue.

    • Tha_Dat

      U sure are one salty little kid who just cant stop whining. Get off the computer and go to bed!

      • Tonbo

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        The pleasure is mine, you piece of trash.

        • haha

          This proves my point to what i said in my reply to Tha_Dat. LOL

        • The_Zeth

          Wow you sure are salty. I am The_Zett – a very famous youtuber you should know by know. I wouldn’t curse so much if I was you.

          • Tonbo

            Was that an attempt to make me respect you or something? When you are right here eating my feces, You are truly worth less than trash, bich.

      • lol

        lol you always see him in articles bad mouthing people and trying to act like a keyboard warrior. The best way is to ignore this *** an hopefully one day he will go cry to himself alone somewhere

        • Tonbo

          I mind my own business, not my fault if little flees like yourself come and beg me to pis on your face.

          • The_Zeth

            Funny that you keep coming back here kid. I am the The_Zett and you just peed your pants loser.

  9. Matt

    Can we block Tonbo?