Things to look forward to – PSVShell and Ultimate VSH Menu


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  1. Aljoriz says:

    Good that devs keep on making stuff for us

  2. JulienKoenig says:

    No hate here, but lately I see a lot of things we already have, but handled like it’s something REALLY big.
    It’s no shame if you just write nothing, if there is nothing.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      A lot of things we already have on the PSP, yes. However, now we have them on the Vita. That’s cause for celebration. Every step the Vita takes toward being more like the PSP in the homebrew scene is a good thing.

      Thanks for the article, Aurora!

      • JulienKoenig says:

        No, I mean just that: Things we qlready have for the vita.
        PSVshell = VitaShell
        ShellBat = VitaBatery
        Media Importer was already possible with VitaShell.
        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how it looks/described.

        • ZeroSbr says:

          I guess you’re right. I haven’t really bothered with plugins. The only hacking I’ve done to my Vita is install Henkaku and a few emulators that I don’t really use much. Unfortunately, I’ve since forgotten how I used a FTP client to get that stuff on my Vita to begin with, and so it’s doubtful I’ll be in the know about these things beyond the articles I read here.

        • jeremymd says:

          Julien I noticed this too, but far be it for me to complain. More versions encourage growth. McAfee was the first virus scanner, JPCSP the first playable PSP emulator (for me), etc. I wouldn’t worry too much. 🙂

  3. TechTomas says:

    We need anew article with a question of what people would like to see on their vita going forward. I personally would like to be able to transfer content back and forth freely from my ps3, or even just being able to plug the vita in as a usb drive and store/install content on the ps3

  4. Tonbo says:

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. looking forward to future hacking scene updates.

    The other day I tried out a ppi calculator, and put psp resolutions (480 x 272) on vita screen (5-inch) and the results were 110 ppi, so Adrenaline mode still has way better ppi than both larger models of 3ds (95.59 ppi). Weird, I would say.

    • JulienKoenig says:

      Thank you for the comment, Wololo.
      Looking forward to future stupid comments.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      It has been well known for a while that the PSP actually has a better screen than the 3DS. It’s pretty sad.

      • Tonbo says:

        What’s really sad is that you take the psp screen and stretch it over the larger screen of Vita and the image will still be sharper than my old large 3ds model.

        Really pondering replacing mine for the smaller model now.

        • ZeroSbr says:

          As in the regular, non-XL model? That’s great if that’s an option where you live, but the country I live in only has the XL. It sucks.

        • Pete says:

          I hear you. After having the original xl, the smaller new 3ds is a vastly superior model. It’s way more comfortable and portable and the screen resolution is really just meant to be on a smaller screen. This is the reason. Why the pstv never looks right, and I’m really not sure why people prefer xl model portables.

  5. dorron says:

    Any possibilities for a working PSN proxy bypass for PS4?

  6. kaluas says:

    Glad to see Aurora keeping us up to date this accurately and with well written articles, keep up the good work 🙂