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Signup for HENkaku Enso (Beta) available!

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  1. xstationbr


  2. TakuyaKou

    Don’t forget that currently it’s extremely likely your vitas be bricked. only sign up if you have extra mobos that you don’t want

    • SilicaAndPina

      or if you have a NAND dump that you can easily restore. 😀

      • Vitanoob

        “easily” well yifan has already said that not even hardmods will save you.

        • iam666

          i doubt this is entirely true, if you could rewrite the nand with an external tool then you could in theory restore the console

          • noname120

            Unfortunately, this is not always possible. They fully bricked all their Vitas with NAND hardmods, restoring the NAND is not enough to unbrick them.

          • VitaNoob

            If this was the case then why is yifan asking for volunteers? there would be no point and he is no stranger to hardware modding so if it were feasible he would be doing that already rather then asking for people to brick their vita’s for the perm cfw hack.

          • Silica

            Opps sorry didnt read that neverminnndnddd

  3. nope

    Guys seriously don’t sign up if you’re not willing to sacrifice your Vita. Just be patient and wait for it to be more stable unless you want to buy a new motherboard/console.

  4. nakedfaerie

    I have a spare henkaku vita but not willing to brick it. I got that vita just for CFW stuff but the rick of bricking is too great for me.
    I’ll wait for a more stable version.

  5. MegumihanTroll

    No it is better if you sign up But use PSTV instead of PSV until the release date so we wont have any problem after releasing give them the data for their needs to secure everything in future

    • nightwishfan1

      There’s no mention of PSTV as a requirement. In other words it’s not likely to be testable on it yet. You’d be guaranteed a brick when the developers themselves are only wanting vita tests for the beta right now. Besides that this wouldn’t help much with securing everything for the future on vita handhelds. The data from a PSTV would just that…..Data from a PSTV. Not a vita handheld which they want.

      • nightwishfan1

        Actually my fault for misreading the above article. It does mention the PSTV, but only as TV, which with me being tired didn’t quite catch at first. My mistake.

  6. Almeric

    Finally, FIRST!!!!

  7. 风君子


  8. Imhotep


  9. Tonbo

    Shouldn’t they develop some kind of recovery tools for themselves first?

    Anyway, thanks for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to further updates.

    • nope

      Only sure way is hardware backup which is difficult to do.

    • SilicaAndPina

      The vita has its own recovery tools its called safe mode.

      • Tonbo

        So can safe mode restore device from bricking caused by henkaku ensou?

        • VitaNoob

          No it cannot, and you’d have to be a complete idiot to believe you can after been warned that there is no way to recover after been bricked.

          • Tonbo

            As huge as a jerk you are, that Silica is the biggest jerk here, he’s misleading people into bricking their devices, in his other post he said you can easily restore with a dump, and now this.
            His face is the real dump I would say.

          • VitaNoob

            I apologise if that came off wrong, i wasn’t trying to be a jerk but just trying to say that if you believe your vita can be recovered after been told it cannot then you have another thing coming but yes i also agree with what you said, i guess this guy just loves it when something goes wrong or unexpected with someone else’s vita…

          • Silica

            You didnt ask if you would be able to recover henEnso with it.
            he simply asked if there are recovery tools.

            the vita has recovery tools,
            i didnt say theyed work in this case though.

          • Tonbo

            I said shouldn’t they develop recovery tools for themselves, obviously to unbrick from this particular situation since this is what the article about, but silica decided to be a dense smartas and answer yes, there are recovery tools, to demonstrate his irrelevant knowledge and win internet points.

          • ^ If molecule COULD create recovery tools the point of this beta test would be?

        • gjfjdsdh

          lul thinking2hard

    • JulienKoenig

      Still not Wololo… are you a stupid troll?
      You’ve been scolded for it 10+ times, by different people, and still doing the same mistake.
      And what’s your problem with Silica?
      What have you done to the community, to give you the right to say he’s a jerk?

      • Tonbo

        I am thanking the website as whole what are blind, you are the idiot obviously, also silica is going around saying you can recover from brick which the devs clearly stated not possible, that is almost as stupid as your face.

        • Wtf

          Tonbo all silica said was “The vita has its own recovery tools its called safe mode.” Doesn’t mention anything about brick recovery. Your fault for not being able to differenciate what he said with what you wish could be done. Brainless tool.

          • Silica

            Exactly he simply asked if the vita has any recovery tools, it does!
            never said they would be helpfull here.

          • Tonbo

            Right, cause if you just look up you won’t see silica posting that you can restore from a NAND dump before she even reads the article, oh my bad, no you are not useless at all silica, especially that “Opps sorry didnt read that neverminnndnddd” part.

          • lololol

            You got his gender wrong. Nice try anyway.

          • Silica

            i was never interested in signing up for henkaku enso beta so i didnt click the link.. thus never saw that he said that wouldnt work..

          • gjfjdsdh

            it’s not even in the article, stop being obnoxious

      • Wtf

        No they’re just stupid. Really stupid too since they’ve been called out and keep doing it.

      • Vika3

        Yep, he’s just stupid…

  10. ZeroSbr

    See, I wouldn’t mind doing this if I had a backup Vita…but I don’t. Kudos to any one brave/generous enough to take part in this.

  11. meysam25

    the website will now open

  12. d4rk51d3


  13. Huehuehuehuehue

    Good luck brave souls

  14. solidsnake

    This article and the link to the sign up page both make it sound like HENkaku Enso isn’t worth the risk of bricking. Unless the final product will have a zero percent chance of bricking, I will not use it. I am not a programmer so this sounds too dangerous to me. This article doesn’t give any reassurance that the final version will be at all safe. But I just don’t know.

  15. J Hao

    First but don’t wanna be a tester

  16. Vitapwn

    What about 3.60 reinstaller? Will that help if you sign up and brick?

    • marek256

      Well, that is the catch.If you brick, it means that you mess something with internal flash0 files and there is no way back.
      Maybe a new Pandora battery could help later 😛

    • SilicaAndPina

      Depends.. xD if os0:ue/safemode.self can still be accessed.. or.. if whatever tells teh vita to load os0:ue/safemode.self.. is still tehre.

  17. Salar

    i would definetly sign up if i had another vita , if there was a chance for me to get one at a good price i will surelly join
    Thanks guyz

  18. Donopatay

    I would like to try the beta but I can’t risk a brick.

  19. sfa2miki

    Well, time to wait… I’m too poor to spend in another Vita… :S good luck to all testers and thanks… n_n

  20. Tonbo

    My 3DS XL sd card with Luma just died suddenly while I was playing Shantae and grooving to some quality anime belly dancing, oh man I am looking forward to installing all those cia file games again.

    Also here is a real life synthesis recipe that I learned today:
    Item A: crushed oreos + melted butter
    Item B: heavy cream + chocolate bar
    Put Item B on top of Item A, you just made brownies, you welcome.

  21. Tonbo

    Do moderators even do something on this website lol.

  22. Hacchin

    So jazzed for the stable release. Just bought my Vita so I’m not willing to risk a brick on the early beta.

  23. Brandon

    I have 2 vitas both running 3.60 and I only use one so I’m def gonna sign up for this on my unused one thanks for posting wololo

    • Wtf