PS Vita: hardware hacker hints at upcoming MicroSD adapter


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  1. Aces

    This is what I been waiting for.
    Good stuff

  2. とんぼくそ

    thanks wololo and RichDevX, be sure to thanks the devs too!

  3. Lawthugg

    Finally some good news. Would love for it to support the higher capacity cards. Imagine a 200 or 256gb card in the vita. Never again would i need a new card.

  4. Paulo Domiquel

    Finally its happening well still have PSTV but this is a big major to those handheld users time to end the overpriced memory card

  5. ThankYou

    Thank you for the update, Aurora. Looking forward to future updates.

  6. Psxvita

    slaps myself with a very large trout!

  7. Ragnarok01

    Yeah i could pay up to 50 for the adapter easy

  8. Huehuehuehuehue

    *Laughs in Vitashell*

    But native support memory is nice.

  9. X-death

    Thanks for his works.
    But it should not be sell at high price thé pcb is small so it s not expensive for manufacturer..

  10. jeremymd

    I’ve never felt the need for a memory card bigger than 8gb because I just regularly switch games from my computer through QCMA or VitaShell if I get bored.

    • Natalie

      You completely miss the point of a portable console lol We want to be able to take our Vitas on holiday and still have all of our games with us. If you’re going to be sat at home where you can easily swap them out with QCMA, then just sell the Vita and get a PS4 lol.

      • nebu_187

        i use my vita, 3ds and psp at home in the couch mostly. 3ds= 128 gb, psp=128 gb and vita 64 gb. it has been more then a year since i had to hook up my devices on a computer to swap games i just love thez plug and play and the freedom to chose what i want when i want it whitout fuss. But hey everyone does it how they like it anyway 😀

    • 1

      i agree, even though I am using a 32gb…

  11. Dmaskell92

    I can’t wait for China to copy this. Then it will be super cheap.

  12. Tonbo

    Thank you for the update, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

    I wish one day we live in a world where you don’t have to live constant fear of sudden death of expensive af memory cards.
    If my 64GB died I would probably not use my Vita anymore.

    Good luck with manufacturing and marketing and all that, excited to see the finished product, good work RichDevX.

  13. reaver anonymous

    if the psvita format error code C4-10278-8 is fixed with this cartridge, then everything is fine.

  14. SilicaAndPina

    Even if it was 100$ i would still buy it.. — with 500MB Remaining on my 64GB..

  15. Jenifer Cappello

    Too late, I bought a GPD XD and I’m selling the Vita. Goodbye Vita.

  16. Alpmaster

    I want a psvita card multi cart lol

  17. Xyrem

    I’ve been waiting for positive results to come out since the first articles about his works, I’m happy to read his PoC may be manufactured 😀
    I almost lost myself at buying vita memcards last month, thanks god I didn’t.

  18. wailam

    Holy RichDevX. This is what we all waiting for. Finally an end to Sony Vita stupid-expensive-proprietary memory card. I will still buy it even if its out of my country region.

  19. Adelino660

    Just pulled the trigger for a 32gb for around 52 bucks on for my 2nd Vita (around the same price for the possible adapter).

    Def will spend the 50 for the upcoming adapter; if they can get it manufactured.

  20. Caio

    Does the price include the lawyer fees for when he inevitably gets​ sued by Sony?

  21. jeb bush

    Super excited for this, only have a 16 GB card from two or three years ago and that is not enough at all. Holding off splurging on a 64gb in hopes that he’s able to this out to market soon

  22. Natalie

    Even if you pay $100 for this, it’s still worth it since you can get a 128GB SD card for $60 whereas a 2x 64GB Vita cards would be $200+

  23. sfa2miki

    A great work!… thanks guys…

  24. Jack Attack

    256GB or more support would be the dream. I see no technical reason why it wouldn’t be supported, but it might take a bit longer to get the software side of things to accept larger than 64GB cards. Which I’m fine with if we get there.

    All my legit PSN games take up more space than 128GBs, to say nothing of what else I’d like on there PS1/PSP-wise.

  25. Salar

    Finalllly YES
    What i was waiting for 😀
    I Hope it will support bigger storage card 😀

  26. pia

    CHILE micros sd adapter pleasee 128 gb cool

  27. ionsin

    May SONY Vita Memory Card go to heck !

  28. Aurizen

    So suppose its true. Would this mean sony will drop the price of their memory card significantly?

    • Tonbo

      Lol, what kind of logic is that.

      Yeah games should also get discounted since the console is hacked and can play them for free rofl.

  29. SilkyJoe

    These two guyz (Yifan and Dumbator) are working on USB and SD adapter for 3G Vita. I would rather have native internal reader and use code from the Flow for mount, than some type of translate of comunication.

  30. vasya

    very good. speed up development, i want buy this adapter on ALI

  31. KiraSlith

    Should be useful far into the future as long as the SD card end is at least somewhat standard it should be fine. the card reader that came with my first flash card back in the early DS days still works with the latest cards.

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