VITABattery v1.4 – Misalignment and Button Conflict Fixes + Battery Temp


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

10 Responses

  1. annon says:

    Does this work on PSTV? :v

  2. ICanHazMuffin47 says:

    does this only work in games r can it be applied to #KERNEL

    • Joel16 says:

      It’s not a kernel plugin (sUprx = usermode, sKprx = kernel)
      Therefore you can’t use apply this to kernel, or it may crash your VITA as soon as you start up henkaku. You can however use *ALL and have it displayed to all homebrews and games.

  3. Tonbo says:

    Thank you for the update, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.
    Especially that on-boot-injected-exploit. Juicy, I would say. I wonder what else can it be used for.

  4. BenoitRen says:

    Is it possible to specify a different default? I find remaining time to be an inaccurate metric, and would prefer to see a percentage without having to use a button combination.