Henkaku Ensō teased on PSVita – With Video!


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  1. Dmaskell92

    Wow, like the first PS3 CFW when I didn’t have to use a calculator 😛

    • reckless0

      Haha. I loved that method of getting in with the Calculator. I actually did a college project showing that off and explaining what it was doing. Wish I would have kept my modded PS3 but it wouldn’t be getting much use at this point anyway. Between the PS4, Xbone, Switch, and Vita… I don’t have enough time.

      • BakaButthead

        LOL. I did that too with Calculator.
        I also got Teensy board too
        damn that was a waste of money. Hahahaa

  2. raco

    we did it!

  3. Seanp2500

    I am so excited

  4. Mark

    This is amazing , can’t wait for version 1.0 . Respect to the man who managed this !!!!

  5. Jgr9

    Don’t bother checking if your own website or Twitter likes transparent images.

  6. Dreamcast Emulator?Cps3 Full speed?

  7. ZpectroO

    Damn! I wanna this now 🙂
    It would be great if it had boot sound and you could change the boot image.

    Thanks team Molecule 🙂

  8. imgucci

    what is the wire sticking from the top of that vita in the video? what’s its purpose?

  9. mink d mendor

    awesome! excited to see what comes of this!!

  10. とんぼくそ

    nice, hope we can play games that require 3.61+

    • ZeroSbr

      Otherwise I’ll have to buy another Vita for Bloodstained when it comes out…heck, I should buy one sooner than later before it skyrockets in price.

      • とんぼくそ

        the vita fat are quite rare but is fair priced here in my area, still cheaper than a vita 2k lol..

        If you don’t mid you can always get a vita TV..

      • Natalie

        That’s what I’ve done. Got myself a PS TV so I could use Henkaku and my old games, and kept my portable vita2000 up to date so I can play the games that actually matter to me

        • ZeroSbr

          I’d probably buy a Vita TV and keep that one up to date for playing newer games rather than my 1k. Either way, I recently pre-ordered a N2DS XL. That basically was my budget :p

    • Jeremy

      Fat chance though

    • Natalie

      That unfortunately won’t happen. Newer games need files that are present on newer firmwares. They aren’t technically needed to run but Sony have done it this way so people update. A simple spoofer probably wouldn’t work 🙁

      • ZeroSbr

        If they aren’t needed to run, then what’s stopping hackers from spoofing those files? I’m sure it would be more involved than just spoofing a firmware version, but I would think it would be possible to do this.

        • nightwishfan1

          You can’t simply spoof files full of programming code. Newer games requiring firmwares beyond 3.60 look for programming code within those files so that they will run. It’s essentially the only thing holding back new games from running on any firmware we please.

          The only solution that would work is being able to decrypt the ps vita update file for firmware 3.65, and scour over the entire contents of it to find what is in that firmware that isn’t in any other firmware, and possibly modify them, and repackage them into a 3.60 firmware update file. Then hope it works. Outside of that there would be no other way to make games running on firmwares 3.61+ work on firmware 3.60.

          • Hans

            its not that hard. We can decrypt and edit the eboot so the game act like a 3.60 game. It was done on ps3 too before the newer cfw’s came out. So please…

          • nightwishfan1

            Hans if Im reading ZeroSbr right it sounds as though he wants to run physical games, which would make your solution a moot point. Yes your solution is do-able for those who want to “pirate” games, but for those of us wanting the actual game cart with its case, art sleeve, and any other inserts then what I stated is the solution…..so to quote you Hans…..please……

  11. VitaNoob

    What is the yellow thing at the top right of the Vita?

    • BlackBrain

      I think it’s just a switch to use R trigger (as you can see this Vita doesn’t seems to have triggers anymore) cause its needed to access recovery. Well that’s what I think about.

    • hmm

      read the video article, it will contain the answers you seek

    • hmm

      video description*

    • hmm

      check the video description, it will contain the answers you seek

      • Tonbo

        So you felt the need to post three times to enforce your uselessness? I hope you are such a waste of space only in online situations.

        • Chewie

          He provided information and clarified a mistake since you cant edit posts here.
          You on the other hand were just condescending.
          I hope you are such a waste of space only in online situations.

          • Tonbo

            At least I am not a triggered keyboard justice warrior, is that how you spend your time? What a pathetic existence you are, other loser.

          • tonbo the sad

            tonbro, pages wouldn’t load so tried posting again. Simple as that, you sad man.

  12. d4rk51d3


  13. ZeroSbr

    Team Molecule, take as much time as you need with this. This will be the hack to end all hacks on the Vita. Go for that touchdown.

  14. Tonbo

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

    Just in case someone is curious, henkaku means change or reformation, and ensou means musical performance.
    Weird keywords, I would say.

  15. meysam25

    i can not w8 9 month to see this :((

  16. Elo

    Great work Team Molecule, but please I wish you guys should include SIM unlocker for lock phat vitas

  17. Mainframe

    Guys this hack will change the world of PS Vita!!!!! Go team molecul!!!!!

  18. Mainframe

    Guys this hack will change the world of PS Vita!!!!! Go team molecul!!!!! Great thought…. Scientists in gaming technology that’s what we the team that has made PS vita and other gaming utilities cooler should be called!!! Thumbs

  19. Erik

    Awesome news!
    My number one wish is that 3.60 can improve compatibility with ps1 games. I still keep my pstv on 3.20 for perfect ps1 and psp emulation! E.g. final fantasy XIII is really laggy using adrenaline and freezes momentarily at times. I dont think this ever really happened in 3.18/20

  20. Koolander

    Tbh , I can’t wait 😀

  21. sfa2miki

    Nice guys! keep up the good work…

  22. Salar

    Wow , nice , great 😀
    thanks guyz , keep up the good work

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  26. WolfSage55

    Can you guys do something productive this useless Henkaku is only on 3.60 do an exploit for higher firmwares for once. If not i’m going to do an exploit sooner or later that will be better than any other exploit. It will run on all firmwares and will be free to anyone. It will be called WS55. I will do it faster than these guys who take years to simply exploit a console. It will do what any of the other exploits do but better. This will be be in development very soon. Who’s excited for WS55?

    • The_Assassin19

      Obviously a troll.. at least be grateful towards them + if they took years , at least they released it.. unlike you. If you think you’re better then why not release your “exploit” within a month?

    • jamsplodge

      Me me me! I am! That definitely sounds like a thing you can both do and deliver! You’re the best!

    • kaluas

      Does your pa and ma know you are online again ?

  27. Mud

    Just a couple of days to go..?

    • Mainframe