CardUnlock for Vita released – Access memory cards meant for FW 3.61+


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  1. froid_san says:

    works like a charm, at least I can use my 32gb memory card from my 3.65 to my 3.60. The downside is you have to repeat the step if you’re returning the memory card back

    and still thinking of other ways to make use of this other than an extra memory card

    • bobrocks95 says:

      Wouldn’t this let you (if you had two Vitas or access to a friend’s) get stuff off PSN and then put it on your 3.60 system?

  2. yatto says:

    Sorry to bother, but did Henkaku and taiHen merge since R7 ? So why specify Henkaku/taiHen ?
    Also, first.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      I’m wondering this too.

    • Rylai says:

      taiHen is the hack the kernel hack that lets you run plugins, homebrew and some other complex stuff to your vita. Henkaku is the exploit for you to be able to do anything on your vita.

  3. why says:

    Alternatively, you could just boot into IDU mode and delete the id.dat yourself…lol

    • Because reasons... says:

      Because booting your system into IDU everytime is more convinient than just running a homebrew right…

      • why says:

        You only have to do it once, after that just set the id.dat to read only with memcardswap and you’ll never have to bother again.

        • immo says:

          Could you elaborate your answer? Seems a pretty good one and I wanna know about this please

          • why says:

            The id.dat isn’t checked when you boot into IDU mode, so you just do that, run Henkaku, delete it, reboot into normal mode and then the memory card will work and generate a new id.dat file.

            After that, you download and install memcardswap from Smoke, which allows you to set the id.dat file to read only. Doing so prevents the Vita from changing the system version line in the id.dat file when you put it in a higher firmware Vita, so you can swap it between any higher firmware no problem. Only have to do it once, no need to install any other homebrew you have to keep launching when you swap, and takes all of 2 minutes at the most. We’ve literally known about this since Smoke added that option in like…September.

            At best I’d say this homebrew would eliminate the need to boot into IDU mode on Slims/Vita TVs which is ok, but their “workaround” for the fat Vita is totally unnecessary. The dev should add setting the id.dat to read only in the homebrew itself, so at least you don’t have to constantly keep launching their app.

          • immo says:

            Thanks a lot!

          • alex says:

            hey man, can you set the id.dat to read only using a ftp client? I see you can modify the files permissions via filezilla (as example), do you thing this thing works too?

  4. Tonbo says:

    Hello Wololo, it has been a while since last update.
    Thank you for the article, lately I have been playing Japanese games on my 3ds while learning Japanese, I am around JLPT N3 Level.
    Also looking forward to Digimon games. I love Digimon.

  5. sean says:

    Does this mean that these newer games can be ripped and stored on vita memory or usb and still playable without the game card?

  6. もののけ says:

    means what?may it show the possibilty of running hacked game based on official 3.61+ byhenkaku? my english so poor forgive about that““““

  7. Azantak says:

    Hey guys,

    After I choose No when asked to reboot and I push X to mount I get the message “Unable to mount card err
    =0x80010058”. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


    • cnsldv says:

      That error means “function not implemented”. Are you using an old version of HENkaku or VitaShell? It’s only tested with HENkaku R6/R8 and latest VitaShell. If you are on those you can pm me (cnsldv) so we can debug.

  8. Maou says:

    Can this be the key to dump 3.61 games? Well, we can’t run them tho….

  9. AKIRA KURUSU says:

    so can i play DANGANRONPA V3? yes or not?

  10. Reaver anonymous says:

    is possible fix with cardunlock the format error code C4-10278-8?

  11. wtf says:

    how are you supposed to get henkaku r6?

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