Ever 17: The Out of Infinity English Beta Patch for PSP released


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  1. kreasu

    This is one of my favorite Visual Novels, it’s by the same people who made 999 doors, virtue’s last reward | zero escape.

  2. Tonbo

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to hacking news, there hasn’t been anything juicy in a while now.

  3. Salar

    Long live the PSP

  4. Sky Yuki

    People need to play this gem more
    I already finished on PC

  5. ZeroSbr

    I wonder if anyone will finished the Danganronpa 2 PSP translation. I know it’s available for Vita, and I own the Vita, but most people aren’t going to bother buying a Vita for it. IIRC the project was underway, but the translators canned it when it was announced for the Vita, and they were all like, “Go get it on the Vita.”

  6. Manthatsaysyes


  7. spawncalibur

    My favorite visual novel. I prefer on PC but I might check out the PSP version. I did play on PC with PSP music patch since I think the music sounds even better.

  8. jimbobvii

    Ever17 is a classic, and the game starts in early May 2017. I suspect that had a lot to do with the timing of the release.

    Looks like it might be using the unofficial patch for a slightly cleaner translation. Mostly I think it just fixed up some of the more glaring problems with the script (which likely never got a proofreading before being tossed out the door) rather than retranslating anything.

  9. Farhan Maleq

    1 May 2017 is the day when Ever 17 just started their plot! And that is also the day when Hafiz Hamidun and Joy Revfa, were just married!

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