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VITABattery v1.3 – Now fixes Adrenaline issues + more


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. Natboy

    Sweet, sounds super useful. Thanks!

  2. Tonbo

    Thank you for the article, Wololo. Looking forward to future updates.

    Hopefully a major break through in playing backups that require 3.61+

  3. Agents


  4. marek256

    I am really thankful for this update. I could not get trough Adrenaline V2 to higher and still did not know what caused that. Then I found out that it was caused by this plugin. Very happy to hear that it has been updated.
    Thanks to developer and to you Wololo as well! 🙂

  5. Recuero M

    Como se instala el plugin? en que ruta lo pongo y que debo añadir al TXT? Mucgas Gracias

  6. igito

    why i am not working in adrenaline? black screen

  7. SrWiR

    HI, i’m pretty noob on vita’s homebrew; can someone explain how to install it for a noob please?
    Tx 😉

    • Galaxias Chaos

      I’m not a noob and I still can’t get this plugin to work.

      • SrWiR

        Working for me 🙂

        Put the batteryPercent.suprx on ux0:/tai and edit config.txt adding this :

        # titleid for your application

      • Galaxias Chaos

        Got it working. Replaced *RAND0666 with *ALL in ux0:/tai/config.txt, Hope this helps someone who also couldn’t get it to work.

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