HENkaku 3.65 / PS Vita 3.65 Jailbreak – will HENkaku be released for PS Vita firmware 3.65?


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  1. Reymon says:


  2. lol says:

    lol nice click bait title, interesting read though

    • Vorphalack says:

      really don’t care, still the best portal about modding infos scene that covers all the consoles

  3. Outrunner says:

    Very well explained, nice article 🙂 .

  4. Albert C says:

    Still just waiting on that PS4 info.

  5. Juan says:

    Click bait af

  6. anonanon says:

    Are your page views so low that you have to keep reposting the same click baity article?

    If the news is slow, don’t post useless articles whose only purpose is to generate clickbait views.

    • the_importer says:

      No kidding, that one really made me click fast. Don’t make me remove you from my Ad-Block’s white list Wololo -_-

  7. solidsnake says:

    sonys next portable with playstation 2 game support confirmed. Will sonys next portable be confirmed to support PS2 games?

  8. Dick says:

    These hackers are *** me off stop lying to the people

  9. HanHan Megumi says:

    if they release a Downgrade or any tool software not hardware included the PSV will die for sure its better if we have exploit for now the games let them release a lot of games on PSV once its done then release a CFW and a Downgrade

  10. nakedfaerie says:

    WHERE are the details of VHBL for 3.65?

    • Bart Muskala says:

      I have the same question. To me, as a new user to the vita and it’s hacking scene, I have no clue where to start. Thanks for the advice as I bought a pre-owned vita running 3.65 now.

  11. meysam25 says:

    my vita steel is on 3.60 and i am not going to update .becuase i w8 more then 2 year for this hack

  12. CriminalUpperEX says:

    And the day we’ll be able to play current vita game backups just keeps getting further and further away!

  13. This site will post any real information about topics of jailbreaks etc.

  14. OJ_Simple says:

    can i still install VHBL on firmware 3.65?

  15. DrRetro says:

    Same procedure as every yea.. ohm… update. Sad that it must said every time again.

    I don’t know how you could accidentally update your vita? As far as I know you must say “yes” to the update, so everyone who update it’s there own fault because they click too fast without reading.

    • Bart Muskala says:

      @DrRetro, some people ask genuine questions as they are new to the scene – like me. I only recently bought a vita and just now read about hbvl and stuff. I want to use it but read only things about 3.60. Which I haven’t.

      No one has explained how to put hbvl on a 3.65 vita. I would like to know how that works. If it works at all.

      Thanks for clarifying that out for me and many more people.

  16. JohnDoe says:

    Vita is simply done for. It is a missed oportunity and that’s it. It will probably remain the system that will make a hacker very famous if he manages to crack it. Also i bet the Sony engineers are so proud of themselves. They made Vita very secure. No piracy. Unfortunately it doesnt even matter anymore.

    Even if it was pirated from day 1, the PS Vita would have still had the same fate. DOA.

    We can call Nintendo Switch the spiritual succesor of the PSP. PSV is a disgrace.

    PS: nice click bait btw xD

    • Wtf says:

      Vita piracy has been a thing since around October or November of 2016. Also all the hacks for vita are still very relevant for those of us that were smart enough to not be so trigger happy on updating.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        Piracy is not nearly as easy to do on Vita as it is on PSP, though. With PSP, all I have to do is run a few programs, download a PSP ISO and slap it in the right folder on my PSP’s memory stick. Done. With Vita, I have to have a certain firmware, and then there’s a whole slew of steps to follow and things that could go wrong before I can play a digital backup of a Vita game, even if it’s a game I own. It’s not accessible for the average end user in the slightest. And honestly? That’s a good thing. Emulators for older systems is good enough. There’s no reason to pirate games that are still being sold at retail and can be found online for (around) retail price.

        • ObtusedUAre says:

          “With PSP, all I have to do is run a few programs, download a PSP ISO and slap it in the right folder on my PSP’s memory stick. Done. With Vita, I have to have a certain firmware, and then there’s a whole slew of steps to follow and things that could go wrong before I can play a digital backup of a Vita game, even if it’s a game I own. ”

          Dont be obtused. With Vita you just download a vpk, usb transfer it and install. Very easy. You don’t even need programs whatevee that is lols.

  17. Chris Burdick says:

    Don’t be at all surprised if Sony bans people for hacking.

    Just saying.

  18. xandrewx86 says:

    vhbl works on 3.65 but theres no way to install emulators on it, or am I missing something? anyone know how?

  19. Ryven says:

    i’ve been following this since last year.. i learned my lesson and didnt went to 3.65.
    im still at 3.63 and waiting patiently

  20. Michael says:

    Is this not the official site? I thought they said 3.63 is supported?


    * You need a PS Vita or PSTV running system firmware 3.63. Unfortunately, it is not possible to run HENkaku on any device running a higher firmware version and it is also not possible to downgrade your system firmware.

  21. Jay says:

    I recently got a ps vita 1000 oled brand new so it’s firmware was 1.6 or something but I could sign in using a psn it needed a update so I updated the firmware but I purchased a ps vita so I could play phantasy star nova with an English patch so I’m curious now I’m running firmware 3.65 could i still hack the vita then install the English patch for the game using ark slayer website will it work? If not any other website or ideas welcomed

  22. WolfSage55 says:

    Can you guys do something productive this useless Henkaku is only on 3.60 do an exploit for higher firmwares for once. If not i’m going to do an exploit sooner or later that will be better than any other exploit. It will run on all firmwares and will be free to anyone. It will be called WS55. I will do it faster than these guys who take years to simply exploit a console. It will do what any of the other exploits do but better. This will be be in development very soon. Who’s excited for WS55?

    • WolfSage55 says:

      This will be available for FW 3.50 to well, future FW’s.

    • noVa says:

      these things take time and dedication for someone to make…and to not even charge for it. making statements like “Can you guys do something productive this useless Henkaku is only on 3.60 do an exploit for higher firmwares for once.” Is only discouraging for the people who are actually sweating over hours and lines of code to make things happen for the end user. However, another option available if you dont like waiting is just buy a vita thats 3.60.

  23. willan wong says:

    can i know how can jaibreak ps vita version 3.65?

  24. Jezreel Pitt Cocal says:

    sir we have 3.63 ps vita but without ps vita account logged in. May I ask if can we still use your hack on it sir? because I cant locate my psn id sir. need advice or any suggestions. because if we sign in a new acct, it requires a new update. looking forward on your help.

  25. GentlemanGamer says:

    While it’s saddening to hear there won’t be anything new, it makes sense, and I’m glad at least VHBL and Custom Themes still work. I’ll continue however hoping against hope for new news on the subject however, and will eagerly support however I can the day this does happen 🙂

  26. goena_sinurat says:

    Good article.
    I’m a lucky man who still used 3.60 firmware for my old PSV.

    And PSV will never died as usual his brother called PSP.
    #lol 🙂

  27. Kinfant says:

    It is so hard to hack ps vita. I don’t know have knowledge about hacking but I know you always give your best just to crack this vita system. I hope at least for now try to make psp emulator for ps vita if it’s possible. thanks to you guys we still have hopes

  28. IBRA says:

    guys i restore my psv system , after that the psv still got 3.60 system software but when i went to henkaku and moleculeshell pop out it’s different , when i press the start button there are only the last four options that i can choose nothing to turn on or off so i went to the setting and the spoofed version is 3.65 not like the videos on youtube !! anyone know how to deal with that i want to hack it ??

  29. pixels says:

    I got a psvita on 1.49 how do I cfw it the easiest way

  30. brandon says:

    i can use vita calander to dump files on ofw 3.67

  31. brandon says:

    you can use vita calander to dump any file on 3.67

  32. Jackoneill420 says:

    Is it possible to downgrade by factory reformat ? Im guessing not but i figured i would ask and if i use vhbl does that allow me to play vita games or psp ?

  33. Ombay says:

    so if i have a vita with 3.67 it means i can use VHBL …but step by step tutorials from other sites are not so good with newest versions of vita…too much skipping of steps…if i could get a tutorial for that, much will be appreciated

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