6.61 Adrenaline-4 released : Full screen PSX gaming on PSTV


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  1. Rikku says:

    Tiang paling semalu komentar 😀
    Gue yang paling pertama komentar 😀
    I’m the first of course 😀
    for saying it cooool!!!!

  2. shinja89 says:


  3. nebu_187 says:

    and now full usb mass storage support to put the whole f***ing ps1 library on that little crapper : D

  4. yoshinatsu says:

    Unfortunately Adrenaline-4 has some issues with input lag for PS1 games… Probably due to how the filters are being handled now. I’ve reverted back to 3.1 : /

    • reckless0 says:

      Does the input lag happen even with the filters turned off on v4?

    • Ricochet90 says:

      Is not exactly input lag,more like a general slowdown.

      Everyone stay on 3.1 until this gets fix’d

    • Everton says:

      Had none of those problems on my pstv :p Also, PS1 games looking really good in full screen but extraordinary in 4:3 with Advanced AA

    • cuberootg says:

      Just modify the following:
      CPU Clock Game: 333/166
      CPU Clock XMB: 333/166 (optional)
      from default via via VSH menu. This should fix the lag.

  5. bigbow says:

    Inoticed on PSTV that after running another PSX game instead of an black screen it shows the last image from previously runned game. Also in full screen its missing a part of the picture on top and bottom.

    • Crzo says:

      PSX games sre 4:3 so to mske it fullscreen (16:9) you have to crop it, thats why it’s missing the top amd thd bottom. Unless the image it’s stretched which looks a lot worse.

      • bigbow says:

        i know butt the setting “Full” in Adrenaline is different than on the Vita witch shows the stretched picture.

  6. solidsnake says:

    Thank you for finally making the PS Vita do what I thought it was going to do when I originally bought it.

  7. lovetheflow says:

    dam son

  8. superzaxxon says:


  9. Psvitabackfromrip says:


  10. superzaxxon says:

    Oh no. I wasn’t.

  11. Kazuya101 says:

    2 questions though.
    Do we have a list of games that will work on this (Mk Trilogy)
    Is multiplayer available (lets say if you map buttons for player 2 or maybe remotely)

    And thanks for all the hard work the flow!

  12. RiotDX says:

    This version seems to fix the issue with joystick stuttering in Final Fantasy 9! Thanks TheFlow!

  13. Hax says:

    This have support for plugins TempAR ?

  14. anonanon says:

    >The network update feature now can search for Adrenaline updates for easy updating!:o

    I’m surprised you kind of glossed over this part of the changelog – this is big, and one of the only things Adrenaline was missing 😀

  15. Yyu says:

    TheFlow is awesome,

  16. ionsin says:

    Wish this Bug was fixed : when runing ps1 game and then turning into standby mode, vita will shut down instead of entering standby mode.

    • fr4nk says:

      Try to let the Vita go into standby itself. Mine did when I set it down for a while with Wild Arms running. When I returned and pressed the PS button, the screen glitched out, but then the game resumed. No shut down.

  17. Gio says:

    I used the easy installer (the proper version) and… All of my stuff on the homescreen disappeared. I checked in the content manager, and all of my games are under applications as nameless corrupted data. What should I do..?

  18. DaniPoo says:

    I wish we could have full dualshock 4 support while playing PS1 titles. For some reason it does not seem to work for me.
    It works everywhere else.

  19. Anon says:

    Can it fast forward/speed-up PS1 games like TN-X yet?
    Gears Of Dragoon with its unskippable animations is nigh unplayable at the normal speed for me anymore for example. I’m not willing to give up on TN-X without this feature.

  20. beta says:

    so witch adrenaline version and easy installer version works on normal psvita henkaku again ? lolz

    • Everton says:

      if they’re saying adrenaline 4 isn’t working well for them, i’d say you should get 3.1.
      It’s working flawlessly on my pstv though

  21. MEagle says:

    I don’t understand why everyone left the Vita’s Native PS1 emulator behind for the PSP and RetroArch one. Why use anything else when there’s something there that’s already better? Is it really more difficult to exploit the built in emulator on the latest firmware than write a totally new one or build on a fundamentally inferior emulator emulated inside another emulator?

    • John says:

      Adrenaline 3.1 ps1 emulation is almost close enough official ps1 emulation. Try it.

    • Everton says:

      Adrenaline exploits the PSP emulator within the Vita. PS1 games on the vita are also emulated through its PSP emulator. That’s why you don’t see performance issues in Adrenaline and Ark, because the emulation was there already. The only way to play any PS1 game on the Vita flawlessly with audio on fw 3.60 is with Adrenaline, as Retroarch has its problems.

    • Phil says:

      it’s “emulate-ception”.

      Vita doesn’t have a “native” PS1 emulation.

      • MEagle says:

        The point is that TNX emulated the games perfectly and at higher resolution and less input lag. Adrenaline, which uses glorified “emulate-ception” doesn’t. Regardless of the fact that they both use the same emulator, this fact hold true. So once again, I ask the question: Why bother improving that aspect of Adrenaline instead of creating an updated TNX? Is it REALLY that much easier fix what is fundamentally broken then just find a new way to use something that works just fine?

  22. morikurt says:

    Thank you TheFlow, you are amazing in every way.

  23. kazuya101 says:

    do we have a list of games that are working? (mk trilogy)
    also is there local multiplayer support/ network multiplayer?

    also awesome job. anytime we get something that allows us some nostalgic stuff, makes us relive the good ol times

  24. Sarge says:

    Is there any way to reduce the input lag in Adrenaline? I decided to put ARK-2 on my system as well, and it’s much more responsive, nearly the equal of running native PSN installs on my Vita. I almost can’t even play action games as it stands in Adrenaline.

    • Sarge says:

      I went back to 3.1 There’s stutter in the opening cinema for Dracula X in 4.0 that is resolved by using that version, and the lag I was experiencing is gone.

  25. John says:

    Please help i have hust updated now im get error C1-2858-3. It was working fine before now nothinh plz help. Thanks