PS4 hack: qwertyoruiop claims victory on firmware 4.55


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  1. NeonAera

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see what will happen! 😮

    • spok

      as usually when PS3/4 was hacked – first Linux and then CFW otherwise it is not pwned 🙂

      • Not Available

        I’m very excited for custom Linux build/distro for PS4. If it happen, I can use my PS4 for my secondary PC :))

  2. Barquillo

    i cant wait i want to update my console to put my account of psn but i want to do jb to my ps4 and if soon i can log in to psn to have my ps3 trophies and then jb the ps4 i will be happy.

  3. nebu_187

    on 4.50 and staying there for now 🙂

  4. Kevin

    im not sure what the update means, does he mean he wants a second kernel exploit before he releases the one he found?

    • pez2k

      Yes – it’s much easier to find exploits when you already have one to gain access. Ideally he’ll want to find a second userland exploit and a second kernel exploit so that if / when one is released to the public and thus patched by Sony, he’ll still have a secret exploit set to get back in and start looking for holes in the newer firmware.

  5. qwertyuiopisser

    Of course he may not release it. What a tool.

  6. Hujec

    Fake news , lol of the year : “and release only if/when he finds a second user/kernel exploit combination”.
    Where is source?

    • Trump

      I know right always same story saying they got exploits and then months pass and nothing

    • Crzo

      “In an ideal world he would keep a kernel exploit for private access and research on future firmwares, and release only if/when he finds a second user/kernel exploit combination."

      The article never claimed that this was his intention but a supposition of the best case scenario.

      Maybe you should go back to 3rd grade and learn how to read again…

    • Cancer

      Are you dumb?
      This guy jailbroken iOS 10.2 & 10.1.1…
      He also released an exploit for PS4 4.07…

  7. MyLegGuy

    I can’t wait to have a hacked PS4! It’ll be like having a computer, except worse! I love all the unique features it doesn’t have, such as being a handheld.

  8. Appsy

    HOLY STEAMING 5HIT ***!!!! OMG!!

    qwertyoruiop has the PS4 well and truly by the *** and he doesn’t intend on letting go!!! 🙂

    qwertyoruiop = Sony’s laxative!

  9. Charles Fasano

    I have 2 PS4 Pro systems on 3.70 waiting to be hacked.

  10. Huehuehuehuehue

    “In an ideal world he would keep a kernel exploit for private access and research on future firmwares, and release only if/when he finds a second user/kernel exploit combination.”

    Then why post the webkit exploit and let it get patched?

    Not having confidence for this…

    • 66y

      webkit is easier to hack than the kernel

    • Fish

      The webkit exploit is well-known and is already used in his older project (qwertyuiopz Jailbreakme for ios 9). Newer webkit version patched this exploits but Sony just don’t give a fk bc it requires them to update their proprietary browser again (which takes them a year to even start considering that). And the webkit part is just an userland exploit to start messing with ASLR.

  11. DJPlace

    emulators maybe?

  12. Jay

    I’m new to all this. Would this let us use steam and Linux?

  13. Thankswololo

    Mother of G_d

  14. psycrow26

    there’s already a person selling service of filling ps4 with hacked games in my country (Indonesia).. can’t say its true sine I don’t have ps4.. he says to be on 4.50 and send him your machine, you have to pay about 1/5 of the original game price

  15. Percy

    Ironic isn’t it? PS3 hack on 3.55 and now pS4 on 4.55. please release the beast!

  16. Tonbo

    PS4 will be hacked and we will have cfw and play pirated games etc…

    You know why? Because hackers always win, and why do they always win…?
    Because hackers attack is based on flaws within the work, while Sony defense is based on perfection in their work…
    And no one is perfect.

    • commenterabovemeisadumbass

      do you think you sound cool or something? you sound so *** stupid lmao

    • jonah

      yes ..ps4 will hacked maybe 10 years from now…yay we will play pirated game when i already have kids,my ball hanging low (adult) …i dont think im going to wait that long just play free game on console

    • DJPlace

      yep. and i just want emulators for my ps4 is all i really care about.

      • jonah

        vita already has retroarch running well..but yes maybe ps4 running will be great but not that great ..i mean *** them ,if the hacker want to keep exploit for them self or just want some fame or what ever i say *** them ..the community these day is all about fame or money ..

    • 66y

      it is theoretically possible to write flawless code, then you would have to attack more fundamental layers so if the kernel was flawless you would have to attack drivers and if they were flawless you would have to attack the hardware itself

  17. sage

    What is so amazing about upcomming patch that is worth waiting for?
    Did anyone care about ps3 3.70 exploit?? No

    • DSpider

      Probably because 4.50 introduced “Boost Mode” (where the full power of the PS4 Pro could be unleashed upon the running games)? Previously the games ran at the same clock speeds as the base hardware. Now you can enable it for extra performance (at 1080p). That’s what everyone cares about.

      Sadly, nobody cared about 1.76 either… None of the good stuff was released on the PS4, despite all of those “kernel exploits”. Maybe qwertyoruiop is different… We’ll see.

  18. NieXin

    4.07 firmware waiting…

  19. The special one

    blablabla We will do that blabla we found that blablabla we won’t release blabalbala same pointless thing What is the point of this? ?Thank god I have a PC

    • Lol

      Too bad many PC games cant be pirated either thanks to Denuvo huh :p
      But i agree with you, so tired of all this “Oh we found an exploit and we can do sys calls with the ps4!…..Oh btw, we aint releasing it. kthnxbye”

      • Huehuehuehuehue

        Remember when Doom and Mirror’s Edge couldn’t be pirated due to Denuvo?

        Well, I can kind of remember for a while.

    • The special one

      CPY raped denuvo

  20. noomad

    qwertyoruiop’s twitter account contain many personal information’s, include webcam photo (tweeted by a guy in one of his tweets), his not going to release kexploit, maybe just another useless webkit exploit for devs.

  21. vasya

    please CFW on PS4 4.55))))

  22. SpeedFreak

    Many BLA for nothing since 1.76 Cturt *** … except this one got leaked … only time wasting to hope for a release on higher FW then the old 1.76 ***

  23. ZeroSbr

    He doesn’t know whether or not he’ll release it…

    Then why did he bother announcing that he has something? Does he just want us to stroke his ego? Does he just want to troll us? I feel like it’s good etiquette to release an exploit/hack to the community if you’re going to announce it to the community, or at least give real hackers (the ones who don’t pull this garbage) hints on how to recreate the exploit.

    I realize that hackers don’t owe us end users anything, and I appreciate what hackers like TheFlow have done for us already, but if you’re going to announce an exploit to the public you had better be ready to release that exploit to the public.

  24. Jay

    I don’t give a *** if he found exploit, it is only matter to me if he releases it to public, fukk you very much

  25. Lord_Chunks

    Sharings Caring You Know

  26. meysam25

    caman dude relase it

  27. ahmed

    anyone need lot of Console ID and matched PSID to start selling them i can provide 100% private cid psid i will sent to you the whole flash dump

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  28. GX

    No Release = Didn’t happen

  29. suitor

    He ain’t anything.
    Probably fake. heck, anyone can tweet they have an exploit and mockup up an image.
    His ego will be happy though

  30. i cant wait i want to update my console to put my account of psn but i want to do jb to my ps4 and if soon i can log in to psn to have my ps3 trophies and then jb the ps4 i will be happy.

  31. Amin

    Not fake, but psxhax is a clickbait news-generator machine, and qwertyoruiop’s officially done with public JB releases.

  32. Syd

    Just rediscovered this site. Great to hear that there’s activity in the PS4 scene! My system has been off for a minute so I’ll probably keep it off to hodl the firmware where it’s at.

  33. darkmetal

    guys someone can tell me if and when that supoosed jb for ps4 come out we can run “pirated games” or is useless for final user and we have to whait for cfw for playing “back ups”?

  34. 80'sbloke

    I’m about to go to 4.55 there’s some DLC I want…I honestly don’t think there will be any release…

    Buy your gamez you cheapskate 😉 😛

    • That guy

      Thats why we shouldn’t rely on our main console for jailbreaks. I got a PS4 Pro to stay up to date with PSN and game updates, while my old PS4 is currently on 3.55 for jailbreak possibilities. Eh, but don’t hold your breath, the PS4 hacking scene is becoming a joke as it turns out we get nothing but news of certain exploiters successfully exploiting FW’s, but refuse to release anything. Its like ok….. then why the *** are you telling us if we aren’t going to use it ourselves? Wants to keep it private? then don’t inform us with false hope of a release

  35. Ra-D-OH-3H

    false prophet. If I had kexploit I would have released it publicly.

  36. Ra-D-OH-3H

    false prophet. If I had kexploit I would have released it publicly