PS Vita firmware 3.65 released – blocks ARK, but VHBL and custom themes still work


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  1. HOT CATS says:

    Looks like I can still access PSN with my 3.60 henkaku vita, JP region.

  2. John says:

    still can acess psn here, Brazil.

  3. ShadielTH says:

    ARK-2 has been killed on 3.65, it boots up to a red screen then closes. I didn’t have VHBL so I couldn’t test but I imagine it suffers the same fate.

    • The Zett says:

      VHBL doesnt require a kernel exploit, and the PBOOT bubble VHBL has survived all updates so far.

      I wouldnt say that VHBL should be fixed, just because ARK/eCFW has been fixed.

      Thanks for confirming that ARK (the latest kxploit it uses) has been blocked, though.

  4. TicToc*1 says:

    New Update,Endless Game Downloads.lolol as ifSony give its customers Anything,Free.When we pay Top Dollar for a Mediocre Service

  5. Mark says:

    PSN still on 3.60 henkaku / Canada

  6. tuxdude says:

    +1 for this update breaking ARK. I even tried copying my bubble via QCMA to my vita and trying that but same result. ARK says “Loading”, screen goes red and it crashes. I’m assuming that means the payload failed to deploy which basically means yes they have patched out ARK.

  7. Seitoko says:

    Will it be possible to spoof PSN on 3.63?

  8. Tonbo says:

    I wish Sony would work on a new handheld console and actually put work into instead of this mockery, listen up here you Sony, hackers support PS Vita better than you ever can and will always have the last word in this.
    It will only go downhill from here on, just look at the 3DS.
    Give up now Sony and go put your time into something useful. The PS Vita is gone, you lost it. Try harder next time.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      True, the PS Vita doesn’t have much use at all beside of hacks. But the 3DS does, which is why Nintendo fights for the 3DS.

    • shinja89 says:

      They are not fighting for vita anymore, why keep doing this beep

      • Vaibhav Shah says:

        I think they saw that Henkaku users can now spoof access to PSN which they basically did not want. Also, 3.63 can use ARK which means free PSP games on a unhacked Vita. Sony still sells PSP games on PSN mind you. Which means that they have a valid reason to patch things out. Also, allowing to use emulators without actually jailbreaking the Vita (on 3.63) could invite lawsuits as well. That is equal to Apple selling emulators on their app store.

    • kungfumessiah says:

      sad but true. even tougher to buy physical copies of games i’m interested cause of inflated prices(including on memory cards with prices going up and down). i understand the store is still live on the vita. but sony abandoned it and hackers have kept it alive. sparks interest in it’s users. they should be grateful people are still interested in it

  9. Apr7 says:

    VHBL stil works on 3.65….

  10. alasdfasd says:

    ***, ARK2 really doesn’t work?

    I had bought a Vita game a few days ago, but wasn’t able to download it. I was hoping to play it sometime next week… I’d love to play it but I don’t want to lose access to ARK2. Is this going to be fixable?

  11. atreyu187 says:

    HENkaku change spoof to 3.65 if you want to download from PSN store or downloads error out.

  12. SilicaAndPina says:

    YOU CAN SPOOF 3.65 ON 3.63!


    • Nacho says:

      Im new to this and im on 3.63 and want to download a game from PSN will this “spoof” help?

    • AlienQoo says:

      Holy freacking dead cute girls! Thanks!

    • Ricochet90 says:

      This is not “spoofing”

      PSN works for like a week or two after the update,then sony closes it for past firmwares.

      Don’t get too excited then.

      • Ricochet90 says:

        EDIT:This happened with 3.63 too….but apparently everyone forgot about it,and people think that they’re spoofing anything when they aren’t.

    • Disclaimer says:

      I’m on 3.60 spoofing 3.65 with molecular shell but neither using the psn spoofing option neither changing DNS works, I still get that damn “you need to update” message.
      I got it to work on day 1 of the spoofing release, but didn’t work anymore since then.

      How do you get trough it ? Rebooting device till it works ? Or is it something else ?

      (also to mention ; I’m not banned, could access store yesterday via pc)

    • Sony's Devil says:

      But I thought Henkaku doesn’t run on 3.63. So what do you mean by “use hrnkaku DNS”?
      Could you please clarify?

    • Sony's Devil says:

      But I thought Henkaku doesn’t run on 3.63. So what do you mean by “use hrnkaku DNS”?
      Could you please clarify

    • Jay says:

      Doesnt work. Still being told i got to update

  13. Masta_T says:

    Damn. I hope we (on 3.63) will have something exciting from the scene soon to counter the bad news.

    • Vaibhav Shah says:

      Not sure why you had your hopes up. No one is actually working on a 3.63 exploit. They have said that they would rather work on the already existing exploit and make it better (better homebrew apps, games, emulators, etc) than work on new exploits. I think it makes sense. My only gripe is that ARK no longer works. Which means I can no longer play emulators on my Vita 🙁 I will have to update sometimes because I have some PSN games that I would have to download in the future. I will try holding out as much as I can though.

      • Masta_T says:

        You’re right. I just wanted to hope just a little longer and I also remember people saying an exploit may be disclosed after Sony patch it in the next update.. I’ll also hold out updating as much as I can and as one commenter below said we can download our vita games from psn through our ps3. I’ll try that once I am back home and back them up on my pc for easy access. This will work of course if my vita doesn’t pop up the sign in screen in the process. Also I still have my psp 2k and ppsspp and a big library of bought vita games so updating the firmware will be ok for me in a few months I guess.

  14. succing my memes says:

    well i can always download ps plus games on my ps3 and transfer it to my vita because that’s basically how i use psn on vita

  15. Mpl2014 says:

    If we make vita think its on lower firmware than 3.60 (or the .pup file on highter ver.) will be possible to “Downgrade upgrade”?

    • Donopatay says:

      If it was that easy then I’m sure they would have thought of it a long time ago. Its probably the first idea that came into their minds. That idea is pretty much common sense.

  16. Franky says:

    Does this cat and mouse game really impress Sony’s investors that much or is there another reason Sony keeps trying to beat the hackers? I guess there’s social reasons of trying to get their player base to constantly fear the “evil hackers” and their piracy allowing boogeyman, but this is just getting stupid. Just embrace an open platform already Sony…

  17. Natalie says:

    Wow. I bought a PS TV last week, downloaded all my games and ripped them with Maidump, thank god I backed them all up before this happened!

  18. nightwishfan1 says:

    I had a feeling this was gonna happen when people were getting IP bans.

  19. ismail says:

    They remember that Vita exist!!!

  20. kalis says:

    Apa yang terjadi dengan vita ini?? Apakah kita tidak dapat akses bermain??? Jika harga kartu memori lebih baik diturunkan untuk kami mampu membelinya

  21. Danny says:

    You people are the reason why Sony puts so many annoying restrictions on their consoles, thanks…

    • Panzer says:

      Gives the Vita coders something to do, I guess. I can’t remember the last update the Vita had that wasn’t specifically for hackers and wasn’t removing app support.

  22. Does anybody know how I can connect to PSN without updating from 3.63 to 3.65? I don’t want to lose ARK-2, but I want to play Helldivers with my friends again.

  23. nakedfaerie says:

    So you say VHBL still works. WHERE IS VHBL for 3.6*?
    I cant find anything for 3.6* other than ARK so where is the instructions for VHBL?
    What game?
    Where are the VHBL files?

    Would be really nice if we could get a link and a name of a game.
    I’m still on 3.63 with ARK but need to upgrade to 3.65 but need to get VHBL working first as I currently have FTP access to make things a little easier for me.

  24. nakedfaerie says:

    And BTW, WHY are $ony so interested in blocking ARK and the Vita? I thought they no longer cared for it? They are releasing no games so why are they even bothering with it?
    The WiiU is dead and its not getting anything from NintenDOH so as the Vita is also dead why dont $ony just leave it alone and put their attention to the Vita 2 which is due out later in the year?
    Haven’t they learned by now that homebrew will ALWAYS be here. The PSP was full of homebrew from the start of its life, the Vita was pretty much the same. Time to let go $ony. Either leave it alone or bring life back to it.
    I still think the Vita is the Switch killer. Its always been better than the 3DS and I still think its better than the Switch but $ony are too stupid to do anything about it. When they release a firmware just to block ARK it proves they are a-holes, nothing more.

  25. Just tried out Vita Update Blocker v1.2. It works on OFW 3.63. You can still stream video and play games online and download things from PSN without updating!.

  26. MinikPLayer says:

    If you want to spoof on 3.63 change DNS to Henkaku DNS ( )

  27. Taps says:

    Make a ark for psvita 3.65

  28. OJ SIMPLE says:

    can I still get VBHL on my updated 3.65 psvita firmware.

  29. Taps says:

    Will any alternative software developer

  30. wuf says:

    Do you think there will there be a hack for this patch eventually? I didn’t know about this and got my vita yesterday. When it prompted me with 3.65 I was stupid and installed it. Kill me.

  31. awdamn says:

    I was somehow deactivated on my psvita!!! *** it told me to update in order to activate my vita and relink ps4 didnt work at all

  32. Kenneth Baumgart says:

    I’m on 3.63 and I want to transfer a PSP game over to my vita, but it keeps telling me that I need to update before I can do that.
    Is there a work around or am I not able to work around this until a new ARK comes out?

  33. Xandrewx86 says:

    Will we be seeing a tutorial on how to install vhbl on 3.65?

  34. Joel says:

    Henkaku DNS is working in 3.63

  35. Kralil says:

    Any solution i need tranfer data pc to vita and vita need update to 3.65 to work

    • Kyle says:

      I’m having the same problem, I can’t install ARK in my vita 3.63 because whenever I’m connecting it to pc it’s asking for software update

      • vita871 says:

        Uninstall QCMA from your PC. Also make sure you don’t have sony’s content center manager installed. Reboot your pc and reboot your vita and reinstall only QCMA (do not install content center manager). And make sure QCMA says “offline” in the settings. Try again.

  36. Akantor says:

    Actualy ARK runs on 3.65. If anyone wants to test just copy the ark savedata to the vita, then launch VHBL and browse to the ARK save and launch it, unfortunetly i didnt had any success launching games but ark does launch trough VHBL.

  1. April 22, 2017

    […] short answer is no. Although you can still use the PSP homebrew loader VHBL on firmware 3.65 (more advanced ePSP hacks, which used to work on 3.63, such as ARK Custom Firmware, have been […]

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