Adrenaline Easy Installer 1.09 released – Adrenaline-3.1 support


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  1. Fede


  2. @Eddie_Muffin

    In this released i can install ADRENALINE in external USB FLASH DRIVE or we need a expensive memory card or tiny memory buil in??

  3. CQd44

    I used it to install adrenaline onto a PSP game that previously worked and now it no longer works.

  4. ZeroSbr

    Now I just need to figure out how I used a FTP client to get stuff on my Vita the first time >.<

    • narsink

      Thats the easy part download filezilla, install on you pc, And go to vita shell press select on your vita while in the vita shell app and go into the filezilla on you pc enter in the address and port hit conntext and bomb you in your psvita. Help this helps

  5. Michal

    I was tryied Motorstorm Arctic edge and works perfectly with sound, WORKS not hangs 🙂

  6. shinja89

    I already have the old version of andrenaline, how can I upgrade to newest easily ?

  7. DJPlace

    guess i can’t do this on 3.63… SIGH…

  8. Fagner

    Actually, Adrenaline is the best PSP emulator that we have now?

  9. DanBavula

    After I updated Vitamin from v1 to v3.1 (by using Adrenaline Easy Installer 1.09) my system information on ps vita shows
    System Software 3.63. Is this normal? Still, henkaku and Adrenaline work fine but I’m afraid to reboot. Any advise?

  10. DanBavula

    After I updated Adrenaline (NOT Vitamin) from v1 to v3.1. Sorry…

  11. a7mag3ddon

    Whats new in Adrenaline V4 ?

  12. I already have the old version of andrenaline, how can I upgrade to newest easily???

  13. kanongdl

    good morning, some one could play old eboot psx? i mean, i did some psx eboot.pbp time ago to play ir on psp,yesterday i tried to play final fantasy 7 and 8 on adrenaline 3.1, i put the folder of each final fantasy on GAME folder of adrenaline, i start adrenaline i went to my games and it apper, i selected ff 7 and everytring looks good, but after de PS logo, it fo to a black screen and nothing more, no sound, no squaresoft logo, no menu.

    some know what i have to do to could use the psx eboot that i made time ago?

  14. dhustine

    will this work on vita 3.60?

  15. vex 3

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