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PS Vita: Adrenaline goes open source, TheFlow takes a break


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13 Responses

  1. Richard Stallman

    Please don’t refer to this project as open-source, as it has been released under the GPL v3 license, making it free software. The difference between free software and open source software is that open source software only gives the reader the permission to read it, not to modify and redistribute it.

  2. nebu187

    well deserved vacation for u TheFlow 😀

    • David Hutchison

      ~Who says he could take a break! Get him back here! There’s still plenty more he could do 😛

      Only joking … Remarkable work as always TheFlow

  3. F

    Love ya, bro! Thanks for this!

  4. John

    I wouldn’t call it full support for psx, because there are a handful of psx titles that are not compatible with 6.61, and popsloader will not work

  5. xzeroki

    Experiencing problems when playing Valkyrie Profile. When entering Arkdain Ruins starting Chapter 5, Adrenaline stops and has an error. I thought V3 would fix it but still hasnt.

  6. ace

    anyone here experiencing joystick issues.. sensitive touch screen.. saving and loading state took long..

    • SeanP2500

      nope nope nope sorry but my issue was only with res on pstv and someone helped me find solution must set pstv to 720p….

  7. Good. Great software was presented… And maybe first?

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