Adrenaline 6.61: TheFlow teases full PS1 compatibility for HENkaku users


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  1. Raine0324

    Wow Cool! Im waiting for this to come! Thanks TheFlow!

  2. ZeroSbr

    So glad my Vita has stayed on 3.60. I might have to pick up a slim later and update that to play Bloodstained when it comes out, though.

  3. Anonymous

    idc about most of these features but just fix that awful input lag!

  4. Jgr9

    So does this make using Activision owned PS1 properties really easy to use in the US now? (though making a bubble if you want it might be a manual thing you have to do, idk)

  5. Anon

    Now I’m interested since perfect sound in PS1 games via TN-X is indeed the only reason why I keep my Vita on 3.18. TN-X however, can use savestates and speed up PS1 games.

    I’ll wait some more for possible improvements and bug fixes of Adrenaline before upgrading though because I’ll take PS1 games over Vita games any day.

    • ZpectroO

      Jugar juegos nativos de vita gratis, no es una una buena razón para actualizar a Henkaku 3.60?

      • Anon

        Most of the games worth playing that work on 3.18 I bought on carts, and the rest is multiplatform with Vita version being inferior one. So if you bought your first Vita once it’s been hacked, Henkaku gives you a lot. If you owned Vita since long before 3.18 like I did — not so much.

  6. Salar

    We seriously need a love button for u Flow.
    Damn i love that guy.

  7. Xtremegamer

    Finally, the day has come!
    3.60 here i go

  8. Predator0808

    YES!!!! That day has finally came… THANK YOU THE FLOW. Thank you so much for tons of hours of your hard work! Big deserved donation is comming to you. Just like I have waited months on 3.36 for Your PSOne Loader, now my Vita will be finally complete for me. You made that device brilliant again. Obeisance to the master!

  9. zzz

    The Flow made the only reason i bought Vita… THANKS!

  10. Alaster

    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for ! Thank you SO much, TheFlow ! I am truly gratefull for your hard work !

  11. FNT

    Sorry for noob question but will we be able to throw some original PSone isos into Vita or we will have to convert them into PSP format (eboot or something…) first?

  12. wailam

    Eventhough this is a great news to many vita user (so do I), I’m still waiting for the vita memory card mod.

    • Tonbo

      Yes, looking forward to a PS Vita memory card or game cart clone with a microsd inside it, that would be fantastic.

  13. Madswitch

    Awesome!! I’m waiting for this!

  14. Grecomafioso

    Thanks The Flow!
    Do you have some donation link to buy you a Beer? 🙂

  15. Beebur

    TheFlow is God! this is great news!

  16. VitaForever

    I love when Devs listen to the community and grant their wishes! Cheers!

  17. Oyea

    Adrenaline!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ark

  18. Magas

    TheFlow just doing something when others creating or jailbreaking. You give us hope that we can jailbreak PS4. Where everything gone? Or you waiting till somebody jailbreak it and you create third party tools that nobody need it?..

  19. xor

    Damn, looks like the day will finally come where I have to read up on how to get this all running. Farewell my good old 3.18 Vita with all your handmade bubbles, emus and tekken to boot tn-x

  20. Childman

    It’s already out!! and currently testing out of it! WOW, the sounds so smooth no LAG! perfect!

  21. kanongdl

    good new,

    someone know if go to be possible use the second joystick and configure L2 and R2 on the back pannel?


  22. Nrky

    Time to update my adrenaline!!

  23. noaec

    I love the Ps1 support, Anyone knows how to change screen ratio in PS1?? plz help.

  24. Danilo


    How can I configure the L2 and R2 buttons on PSOne games in Adrenaline? (sorry for poor english…)

    I would like to see some tutorials, but I cannot find it yet…

    Best regards…

  25. Berry

    Wow, this is exciting, great news, now my vita will be used for some great classic games, waiting for this one, thanks to the devs for listening.

  26. ShanTeeLee

    Can i use PS Vita Adrenaline to register the PSP on PS3?So we can remote play any PS3 game with this feature and a hacked PS3.

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