Sony releases PS4 Firmware 4.55, which opens possibilities according to hacker


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31 Responses

  1. RiotDX

    Hoprfully 4.55 is the one that gets blown wide open like 3.55 was on PS3!

    • ViTA

      Let’s hope so!

      • Thrawn

        PS3.55 -> PS4.55 XD that can’t just be a coincidence.

        • ZeroSbr

          Plot twist: Sony was actually on our side the entire time, and they open up exploits on purpose while trying to appease developers by patching other vulnerabilities. They released fw 4.55 to indicate that it’s finally time for us to hack the heck out of this system!

  2. Albert Covington

    Hi….I think I took a wrong turn someplace.

  3. Bahaa

    i hope !

  4. Tonbo

    Good news, thank you for the article, Wololo.
    Looking forward to future developments in PS4 hacking scene.

  5. strouung

    just updated to 4.55 waiting for goodies

  6. Formedras

    And THIS is why you don’t use NetFront.

  7. lukra

    its weird that wwe are not forced to update it, i can accsess psn just fine without updating it

  8. Barquillo

    So i have a ps4 pro in 3.70 i should update to 4.50 or 4.55 or is better to stay in 3.70?

    • maik

      stay low bro

    • RiotDX

      Stay on the lower firmware. There will always be options available to update to a specific firmware later on, but you typically cannot downgrade a console to a specific firmware without expensive hard-mods.

      • 666

        microsoft made it impossible to downgrade the 360, or at least technically challenging enough to be impossible, by using efuses, so as a rule of thumb it is safe to assume downgrading will be hard if not impossible

    • Iohirs

      I updated to 4.50 (though I am happy about the kernal exploit news). Gravity Rush 2 + other games I bought have been just sitting there requiring an update to 4.07 (?) in order to play. I got tired of waiting in my old age 😛

  9. KiraSlith

    it’s almost like Sony is purposefully making their consoles hackable on #.55 revisions…

  10. Fallenleader

    It’s pretty obvious why Sony isn’t pulling a Vita security methodology here.

    So far, the PS4 was exploited really quickly, but the only serious payload presented was the ability to run linux on it.
    Sure, there were ways for piracy, but they were not extremely popular, and the biggest impact to them (Sony) was users running an unauthorized OS.

    If we were to see a real CFW that makes things like native homebrew apps, piracy, and access that could lead to a more risky and possibly permanent persistent exploit (think like PS3 CFW which can easily be updated to newer CFW every time there is an update), I guarantee Sony would be in a panic patching the system tighter than Ft. Knox.

  11. Edward

    well maybe sony realized that an exploit will boost sales after its console is saturated…..

  12. mon

    Edward: you got it! That’s what i thought

  13. Charles Fasano

    Looks like the update is not required so chances are it doesn’t patch anything hackers need.

  14. Mine

    It have same webkit as 4.07 so for now no new xploit coming ..
    the only way that we will see any homebrew is through ramdisk or patching a game to install homebrew.
    I cannot foresee any big update this year. for our dusty ps4..
    on the mean time we still have our lovely ps3 with all what we need.

  15. Mine

    And no the update is not required due to not having any major patch or any change to the core.
    maybe ofw 5.55 is the one. but in 4.55 nothing is going to happen,

  16. mehrdad laghaei

    Is rasbprry still copying the game for ps4?