Did your PS Vita get recently banned? This might be the root cause (and how to fix)


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  1. Smoker1 says:

    Is there a List of Legit/Reputable VPNs????

  2. Urkhur says:

    I’ll try this, i got banned for no reason (i don’t have pirated games at all). I thought it was the automatic trophy sync but it doesn’t make sense.

  3. myself says:

    My ip got banned too, what i did was change my ip trhough router. Not using psn on ps vita ever since.

  4. nightwishfan1 says:

    Kinda glad here that pstv lacks these apps out of the box, or from the looks of the psn store can’t even use them as near isn’t in the downloadable apps list there. I among the other pstv users would probably be in the same boat as the vita handheld users getting banned, which sucks, but at least there’s ways to get around it on that end.

  5. Anon says:

    Can’t you just log in to PSN using the web browser on a PC/smartphone/tablet to find out whether it’s banned or not? This way you don’t have use any Sony device at all.

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Wondering this too. I used the PSN to download Lunar: Silver Star Harmony a few days ago, but I don’t know if my console got banned and I don’t really want to risk a ban by checking to see if I’m banned to begin with.

  6. Rezi says:

    Really its time to do something for 3.63
    Plssss hackers plsssss 😀

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      I honestly think it would be pointless for 3.63 to get hacked now. Typically when sony starts this banning *** they follow it up with firmware update so that whatever everyone is doing is then ineffective. Might not see a update super soon, but I’d be willing to bet one will come eventually.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        I think Sony has moved on from the Vita by now. They’re probably done with firmware updates. Maybe they’ll try one last time like with the PSP back in early 2015, but it won’t be anything major. Best time for hackers to work without their work getting invalidated by an update is now. A true, permanent CFW would be great right about now, and probably wouldn’t be hard to update for future patches (if there will be any).

        • nightwishfan1 says:

          I wouldn’t count on them necessarily moving away from vita yet in terms of firmware updates. There’s still some games being developed for it that anyone can buy and play anywhere they want. Not to mention they’re psn market is still active, so last thing they want with a saturated market in terms of hardware is people having a means to rip them off in some way on psn, cause frankly they’re making money off of psn sales still from those that own vita related hardware.

          Last but not least. I never put anything past sony when they start pro-actively banning users on 3.60 henkaku vitas.

          • ZeroSbr says:

            How are we going to rip them off in some way on PSN? I don’t think we’ve hacked the store like with the 3DS, where you can literally download anything for free (iirc). The Vita PSN market means nothing when anyone with working internet can still buy stuff from it via their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, PS4, and even their PS3 if they have one. They could shut down the Vita PSN store now and it wouldn’t have a huge impact.

          • PsybrPyrit says:

            ZeroSbr you don’t need a store clone to cripple their sales when full blown piracy exists. To those with a vita product above 3.60 too bad for updating no one is publicly working on anything for you. Get another vita product or mobo at 3.60 or lower. That’s your only option for now.

  7. wmxp says:

    The amount of jerk offs in the comments on that PS3 VPN article, proclaiming that Sony don’t IP ban are unbelievable. They read one comment stating what they “believe to be factual”, and circle jerk the confirmation bias. Yes, Sony does IP ban for a variety of reasons; ALONG WITH account / console bans for more serious offences.

    Solid article here – I had the IP ban within 5 minutes on my Vita, reactivating PS plus titles.

  8. Zik says:

    Actually, you know if your account been banned is when they send an email to your account to inform you that your account been banned. Once that happen, your console also get banned as well.

  9. The_One_They_Call_Mod says:

    Sony IP Banning isn’t a thing.

  10. nightwishfan1 says:

    ZeroSbr you pretty much said why they’d go to another firmware version. They don’t want the psn marketplace on vita being like the 3DS marketplace. It all starts at one point, which is spoofing your firmware version to a higher version to access something that would typically need the newest firmware to access. If they left it unchecked it would get to a point of no return for sony eventually. That and they typically don’t play around when they patch things. They won’t let it go unchecked when they see signs of their psn being compromised in some capacity. No matter how insignificant it may seem.

  11. Silica says:

    What is IB

  12. Techni says:

    “you can check your auto-start settings under System and disable all that’s listed there”

    And where is this auto-start setting? It’s not under system

  13. Zero13k says:

    Agreed IP ban of your modems main IP given is very true you can try to reset your modem in hopes of getting a new IP from your service provider lifting that type of blacklist ban, on another note before i bought my ps4 i decided to torrent a movie which was a product of Sony entertainment and all services to do with Sony on my end where blacklisted, I reset my modem but after a week i got the same blacklist ban from Sony on a new IP, I figured out that Sony can collect your MAC address of the device your Internet user name all info linked to your Internet by just asking your Internet service provider which is not against the law, I myself was too scared to tal to my ISP so i found a neat program called titanium mac address changer, I used the program to change my wireless 5ghz AP cards mac address, From their on out i have not been banned so if you truly decide to fool around with illegal things against Sony in any way games, movies etc, I would honestly VPN yourself and use the MAC address changer along with it and once done change your MAC address with that program, For the ps vita side of thing use a hardwired into your pc for the net and if you have a wireless card use that as your access point through your pc so that the PS vita has the VPN feature as of the same for your pc and for changing your PS vita MAC address is a far different story, maybe one day one of our famous programers might find a nifty way to help us in that area.