Adrenaline Easy Installer updated for Adrenaline-2 – PSVita


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  1. Tonbo says:

    Thanks for the update, Wololo.

  2. jmjohnson85 says:

    “Of course, you need a PSP game/demo on your PSVita for it to work but you can get that via PSN (access is there.. again) or via CelesteBlue’s ‘ePSP Bubble Installer’”….

    Adrenaline Easy Installer already has this feature built in to it.

  3. 909090 says:

    i get black screen after opening Adrenaline bubble. previous version worked fine

  4. @rolleragresivo says:

    If i try to install ADRENALINE in the main memory(1gb built in)install and works 100%,but if i try to install that on external USB after mount it whit Vitashell give me an error…this works only whit internal memory and/or memory card?
    Sorry by my bad english.
    Greetings from Spain!!

  5. Bob says:

    well i used the installer, now vitashell is no longer in the menu area, or any of the other hombrews for that matter. any idea *** i did wrong?

    • jmjohnson85 says:

      Don’t know but you could try reinstalling vitashell and refresh the live area (at partition selection screen push triangle)

    • Bob says:

      The files are still intact and on the memory card but without vitashell i’m not sure how to get to them

      • Bob says:

        i figured it out, for some reason it stopped reading the vita memory card, and was reading the internal memory card on bootup, wierd.

  6. ForeverVita says:

    thanks for keeping me covered with the latest bros!

  7. chapas says:

    Has someone had success playing an Ad-Hoc game with Adrenaline on two PS Vitas, for instance, Bomberman or Metal Slug?
    I’m able to host a game, the other player can join this game, but when it’s starting it always crashes.

    • DJPlace says:

      yes i have done card trades on Yu-gi-oh tag force 2.

      • Bob says:

        Ive had no problems what so ever with the adhoc in adrenaline, be it between vitas, a psp and a vita, or between a ps3, ps vita, and psp all at once. What game in particular are you having trouble with?

  8. SeverdNerv says:

    WOW are you kidding me :/

    i just installed this VPK adrenaline 2 easy installer which when installing gave me an error at the eboot part then proceeded to detect the previous installation and then i uninstalled and now … ive fked my previous adrenaline installation which no longer loads up as well as it completely removing and destroying every backup i had made on my USB mass storage… what the heck ? there is no bubble left from my usb storage vpks why did it remove them?

    Anyone else have that issue?

    • SeverdNerv says:

      ok so i managed to get my game to show back up by going into vitashell 1.61 and refreshing the live area and now all my vpks are back and are still fine..

      however i have to do a manual install instead of the easy installer it seems.

  9. Mus says:

    Where do I need to put my ISO files?

  10. PSVITANooobus says:

    HI Guys,

    so i’m getting a new memcard soon, is ther a how to guide on how to install this, and what game/demo do you need or can it be any?

  11. Pax says:

    First installed ARK FAST FOR 3.60 V2.1 to get game demo(before i deleted accidentaly my old psp game and didnt had a backup) and then installed adrenaline on it works like a harm, waiting for PSX support cant wait to play silent hill or dino crisis 🙂 GREAT WORK!

  12. Rob says:

    Hey guys,im planing to buy a vita slim.can any one tell me that if adrenaline can run on it.also how can i install it because it has internal 1gb rom and i got a 32 gb memory.pls..