Hackers make progress on Nintendo Switch hack


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15 Responses

  1. JK0cr

    does someone know with which firmware comes a switch that you were able to catch in stock in the recent days?

    • Alejandro Jose Lopez Diaz

      1.0 or 2.0

      • andoryuu3

        I bought mine launch day, and though I don’t recall the initial firmware (which was likely 1.0), I have only updated once to version 2.0.

        • JK0cr

          I bought mine the last week, it is on way. I hope it comes with 1.0 or 2.0

          • Dan

            Pegaswitch will not work with 1.0 firmware, as there is no browser. If it comes with 1.0 there is no way to update to 2.0 only 2.1 currently.

  2. Fred Tobias

    This is amazing! Nintendo really doesn’t get it. I heard that BotW is already hacked.

    • Cypherous

      BOTW on the wiiu was already hacked, but thats because the wiiu was hacked wide open about a year ago and ninty didn’t bother doing a firmware update to fix it

    • geos

      lol nintendo always weak in software department, they can only make indie quality games… the mario mario and mario

  3. Nintendo

    archvment drift no fater

  4. DeeAech

    Nintendo Switch was already hacked one month after its initial release, however the guys at CERN pulled one of their Mandela Effect-esque reboots and patched our history to where it hasn’t happened yet.