Adrenaline-2 released! (PSVita – ePSP Custom Firmware)


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. ponxNotpUnks

    Una na first pa..thank you for the hard work keep up.

  2. Donopatay

    Wow! Hope this is not an April Fools joke remnant.

  3. CalexJuno

    thanks to the devs. sad that psx support is still not here but nevertheless, great work. 😀

  4. railcat

    ms0:/PICTURE and ms0:/PICTURE <<< maybe u refer one as MUSIC

    • Greenwaterv3

      So I am not the o ly one to notice that I was pretty confused reading this we need a definitive answer

    • satan89

      I think it’s ms0:/Picture and ms0:/PSP/PHOTOS

    • Aurora

      Mistake on my end. ms0:/PICTURE and ms0:/MUSIC as per the changelog

      • Yacir

        Gal, that’s the one thing wich could make me go through to update my adrenaline, and i almost, missed it , if i didnt read the comments! y not edit the article???. ty for the head’s up, none the less:)

  5. ESL-kun

    no PS1 support? no thanks

  6. Goober

    Super hyped until I saw the lack of PS1 support. Indeed, not even seeing it mentioned is a real bummer. Cool update anyway I suppose.

  7. fun on a bun

    I tried to play a .m4a audio file via adrenaline v2 and it caused my vita’s live area to lockup and I had to hold down the power button to turn off my vita. Also does anyone know if TheFlow plans to add suport for umd video iso?

  8. HanHanMegumi

    Now I notice why Yifanlu decide to update it to R8 in order to open the PSN store w/c require a real PSP game instead of using Epsp bubble and the other developer decide to release the Codes for the PSP

    because the Epsp bubble wont work at new adrenaline V2

    • Donopatay

      Really? Are you sure? Have not tried it yet.

    • Zeroba

      Freakler actually just updated it so no, R8 wasn’t specifically for that.

      • HanHanMegumi

        +Zeroba yea he did update it 8 hrs ago on his twitter but only EasyInstaller but i dont think he handle epsp bubble well doesnt matter it still works for me w/o freakler app it just require a real psp base game

  9. Predator0808

    PSOne Loader for taiHEN TheFlow PLEASE!!! 🙁

  10. Halcyon

    TheFlow, whoever you are, thanks for the hardwork and also to all those hardworking devs on the vita platform, kudos to you guys!!

  11. mike

    any nds emulator

  12. Draven

    Savestates plugin confirmed working. Just tested it simultaneously with the right analog mod for GTA VCS, and both of them work perfectly together.

    To get Savestates to work, you have to put it into Standby Mode and return, but otherwise, it works exactly the same

  13. Dorothy

    Everything seems to work fine.
    Though I had a herd time installing it scince my psp game got corrupted.
    How do i find out if i’m on adrenaline-2 now, not the first one? advanced AA option is the clue?

  14. Sanspbar

    Elder Scrolls DEMO for PSP not working! It need 64Mb ram. Anyone can tell me how fix this?

  15. Primula

    Does this still need the “vs0:sys/external/libpgf.suprx” under *TITLEID?

  16. Piratex

    Can I still use easy adrenaline installer with this new version?

  17. Mustafa

    Thank you TheFlow and Wololo for bringing so many hours of joyful video gaming to countless people around the world.

    I am from Iraq, they hardly sell any games in my country and also I don’t have a credit card to buy them online. Without you this happiness simply will not exist.

  18. bigbow

    on Adrenaline 2 there is a small grpahical glitch when launching psp games (psp screen logo) also setting screen size does not work for me, it stays set in the adrnaline menu but when back out its the defaut.

  19. Lucidio Bracho

    Excuse the noobie question… How to update to Adrenaline_2 if i had already installed Adrenaline_1?

  20. DJPlace

    no sound for PSX not going bother with this *leaves*

  21. Ecchijin

    Anyone getting adrenaline stuck/hang error upon resuming game from sleep?

  22. BirthByRight

    uhm.. can i ask a noob question here? im just wondering if how to use a pendrive or usb stick on a psvita phat 1000?

    • Donopatay

      That feature is only for PSVITA TV. Only the PSVITA TV’s hardware is capable of that ( think). Enough said.

  23. ZpectroO

    Where need put the psp iso/games on “Ur0:” dir?

    • Leonardo

      You have to create a New Folder in Ur0 Call “PSPEMU” them inside create 2 more folders one call “PSPEMU” and Another one call “ISO” and you put the game into “ISO” folder.

  24. Leonardo

    I try to install “easyinstaler 1.61vpk or 1.60vpk” but both tell me error 0x80101139, I can not find solution and it does not allow me to install adrenaline v2. What I can do?

  25. 5

    So why not for the PSVITA

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