PS4 Jailbreak: qwertyoruiop progresses on PS4 Webkit hack, states he has a 4.50 kernel exploit


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54 Responses

  1. Seanp2500

    Long live qwertyoruiop!! Exciting days!

  2. BigZam

    Nice, i’m at 4.07. gib free gamz.

  3. Tonbo

    Looking forward to replacing my cfw PS3 with a cfw PS4.

  4. Tony

    What firmware are the current PS4s being shipped with? I think it’s time I made the big leap!

  5. Princess

    It’s not fake for sure, but do not expect anything, because it’s not that hard to find the guy…reputation or jail?
    Why he make the noise and attract $ony before the release?
    Like hey $ony, I’m a hacker, I’m going to hack your device, catch me if you can?!

  6. Tony

    Does it jump from 4.07 to 4.50?

    • goggamanxp

      Yes, it jumps from firmware 4.07 to 4.50. If you are interested in the modding possibilities, it might be best to not update

  7. DSpider

    None of the good stuff (CFW, backups, homebrew) came out of 1.76. What makes you think anything good is gonna come out this time?


      This is a kernel exploit.

      • DSpider

        Yeah, so was the 1.76 one (called “BadIRET”). And?? What came of it? A few select people could run Linux, for SNES emulators… Whoopeee. NOBODY cares about Linux on the PS4.

      • DivineBliss

        It literally says in the post 1.76 had 2 kernel exploits.

    • Alex

      I believe it just takes time. A lot of time. Honestly all I’d like is a way to backup my games so I wouldn’t have to get up all the time to change discs. I know I don’t have to if they’re digital, but I prefer disc games because they aren’t linked to an account.

  8. Alteration

    I’d be surprised if qwertyoruiop releases something again, the iOS community was pretty terrible when he was working on that.

    • 666

      Was? Check the replies to his tweets, they won’t shut up about the 10.x ios firmware

      • Alex

        Yeah I wonder if they will ever figure out that repeatedly asking and begging won’t get them anything

    • ChackuzMooo

      Yeah it’s pretty sick how desperate they are. He makes a tweet about progress for jailbreaking the PS4, and all the replies are littered with “10.2.1 jb?” “What about 10.2?” “Cool, but 10.2?” “How to JB 10.2?”

      Literally, every tweet he makes is replied with that ***.

  9. andone

    love him!!!

  10. Kennyx

    Protože ps vita to mela stejne napolo hacknuty system a dump byl az dyl.

  11. Ant

    My PS4 will stay in the box on FW 1.76, when cfw gets released for that I’ll open it

    • DSpider

      Yeah, good luck with that…

      OFW 1.76 (which has heralded as the PS4 “holy grail”, “kernel exploits”, etc), came out in August 2014. THREE YEARS AGO! And…?? Nothing. To this day, that firmware version means absolutely nothing. Sure, there was some Linux stuff demoed, but let’s be honest here, nobody cares about Linux on PS4. You can run it just fine in VirtualBox on even low-end laptops (circa 2008) without issues. And for what? SNES emulators? Come on…

      The PS4 desperately needs some hacking love. PS Vita exploits came out too late for the console to be relevant any more.

      • uluucuck

        yeah but he has no reason to upgrade until something *does* come out. Even if nothing comes out of 1.76.

  12. Cdvv

    Apparently cturt persuaded qwertyoruiopz not to release kernel exploit… At least not until Sony patch 4.50. he thinks sony will come after him. Plus they’ll get bounty from Sony when they tell about the exploit. Chinese group did the same. $$ talks. So fun is over for another 6 months

    • 666

      As much as we don’t want Sony to patch their firmware it will have wider benefits by being incorporated into FreeBSD which will protect users of that os and its derivatives… and for their efforts in this stuff they probably deserve some money

    • foobar

      where was this mentioned? any links? thanks

  13. El cagon

    Just another attention who@&

  14. ivan

    agora vai

  15. Chara Chan

    OMG I’ve been famous 😀 glad to asked that question..

  16. Smid

    Anyone have a linnk to 4.06?

  17. DJPlace

    all just want is that emulator thing that’ on XBOX ONE to work on this then i’ll be in RETRO you know where.

  18. lol

    I’m on 4.50 and I don’t care about any exploit.They’re going nowhere just useless twitter talk

    • rev2

      aw no free games for you… tears

      • xFort

        Free games? Really? This is about using the system to run whatever you like, otherwise, free games is illegal.

    • Eh

      Yeah, I learned the hard way that 99% of the time these “developers” are just stroking their own epeen and have zero intention of giving people anything meaningful. Following the Wii U scene in its infancy was absolutely exhausting and even the 3DS scene had its fair share of attention whoring before it finally got to the glorious place it’s at today.

  19. debuti

    Nice! Does this means that the NS, as having the same OS behind, would be hackeable any time soon?

  20. The Nameless Monster

    I have 4.50 PS4 Slim and a first model Ps4 on 1.62. So whatever 😀

  21. Yuiop