Human Resource Machine teaches basics of programming on Nintendo Switch

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  1. enigma85

    I would (and currently use) my programming skills to solve life’s greatest mystery, “the meaning of life…” We all know its to wear comfortable shoes but I want to know how the answer was derived. talk = enigma85

    • Donopatay

      Wrong! The meaning of life is “Finding the meaning of life.”.

      • andoryuu3

        Wrong! The meaning of life is 42.

        • Darth Agnon

          42 in ASCII stands for * (asterisk), which in computing terms is often used to represent X or N – i.e. “anything” you want it to. Thus, the meaning of life is anything you want it to be. Douglas Adams, writer of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the first proponent of “42” was something of a programmer, so it is likely he knew and intended this.

          (Wish I could say I found this out through original research, but these facts were brought to my attention by a Facebook meme)

          I use my programming skills to modify Wagic: the Homebrew?! and pass university courses.

          Live long and prosper!

          Darth Agnon
          Planeswalker and Monster Hunter

        • Aslan

          Exactly and the answer was derived from x |-> 42x

  2. Notme

    I would also recommend TIS-100 (“Assembler” and multiple nodes) and Shenzhen I/O (build gadgets and program them with “Assembler”) by Zachtronics. You have to print and read the manual to have a chance. I love those games. 🙂

  3. Link0

    I wonder if i could use it to turn it into a really basic and probably poorly performing emulator. could be a fun project!

  4. Link0

    But that’s the fun isn’t it? Working within the game’s limitations to do something well and truly ridiculous.
    I’m not sure which 11 commands they allow, but maybe it’s juuust expressive enough for some ***.

    We’ll see!