Xbox One hack: Xbox One Exploit Proof of Concept released, based on Chakra exploit (unconfirmed)


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26 Responses

  1. Donopatay

    You know what? I’m HANDSOME!

  2. El cagon

    First w00t w00t

  3. s1e

    Unknownv2 did some legit work back in the 360 days with game mods/tools. Inclined to believe this is legit

  4. and

    why the hacker make it public, for microsoft to patch it? better they make a cfw so microsoft or sony cant patch it 😉

  5. Tonbo

    Looking forward to Smach Z pro, and the new next portable gaming console from Sony.
    Also I love Playstation 2 games, they should remaster them in a new handheld console.

  6. Maxton

    I’ve tested this and it does work, but without a sandbox or kernel exploit it’s not super useful. It is very useful if you are developing a sandbox or kernel exploit, though…

  7. raptordmg

    it works try it yourself

  8. mo

    Has anyone tried on current fw? I dont want to update.
    And yea, next step is kexploit via sc. go for it! 🙂

  9. DarkGabbz

    I have my xbone on the exact firmware and it says exploit done (

  10. GraFfiX

    Yeah, here’s the problem now though. I also have an Xbox One on this firmware, but I tried the exploit today, and the Xbox One will not even connect to machines on the local network without updating the console. I don’t think there’s any way possible to use this exploit anymore. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. hacked facebook account please get it back

  12. hmmm

    The master chief can smell this one.

  13. bond007

    i hope somebody could hack the kernel and we could get a fully working windows 10 running on the xbox one s