Nintendo Switch update 2.1 released, most likely patches Webkit exploit


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20 Responses

  1. fist


  2. Thanks for sharing the information!

  3. andoryuu3

    Well said at the end there. Best to wait for either:
    1) More good games with multiplayer
    2) A system update that actually adds something cool/useful
    3) More progress towards running homebrew

    Unless you update by accident, I’m not really sure why you would to be honest.

  4. mr ken

    Good give give switch more time to hack like 4 or 5 year ,soo developer can more seriously make game that have good quality .

  5. ZeroSbr

    That’s okay. The Switch is a Fisher Price toy anyways. I’d rather run homebrew on a machine with actual effort put into its build quality.

  6. Albert Covington

    Wait, does this Nintendo Switch thing actually exist? Cuz’ I’ve never seen one.

  7. DJPlace

    one word i got for nintendo BASTARDS!!