HENkaku/taiHEN release 8 out – PSN spoofing back on


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Bravoh


  2. Lord_Chunks

    Your A Wonderful Person And I Appreciate You!

    God Bless And Peace Out

  3. christian

    Can i use this to buy and play the newest “sao” (req 3.63) on 3.60 HENkaku ?

    • Aurora

      No, you can’t as PSN access doesn’t mean you can play 3.61+ games unfortunately.

      • dogmeet

        Can I update my trophies via PSN, or I shouldn’t do it? I played only FFX – licensed copy from cartrige and MK IX for Vita – not licensed (Henkaku). Is it a chanse to get a ban?

        • GilgameshThePugilist

          I don’t know about banning (I don’t think it’s ever happened with spoofing on the Vita), but you can sync your trophies. Trophy syncing is pretty much the only thing I ever access PSN for on my Vita.

  4. Childman

    Not working with me

  5. serhat

    works great. thank you yifan!

  6. Dmaskell92

    Jesus this is unprecedented.

  7. The Z

    Does this mean we can copy and steal vita games to play? Like we can pirate games now right? This is great news. Love pirating.


    seems like offline installer is having errors with it. cant install in email offline 🙁 or is it just me ?

  9. adover65

    Thanks Again PEACE!…..

  10. Ethan Weegee

    PSN spoofing worked for me first try.

  11. clarkstyx

    works for me.. any reason we need it..lol.. all i need for vita is already downloaded offline.. or transferred to usb

  12. AnonKaku

    Doesnt work for me :/

    • Childman

      Me neither tried restoring vita setting, data base, re install molecular shell, reboot multiple times. I don’t want to end in vita reset

  13. KarmaDarkly

    My PS Vita is getting error when trying to connect online, what’s the deal?

  14. DJPlace

    i wish this stuff was all spoofed its BS.

  15. BroDEN

    Can I sync the trophies then? XD (Not tested yet)

  16. Susu

    Wow! I can go to psn store without problem in 1st try. Only by poweroff and reinstall henkaku 8. 1st time exploring psn *love*

  17. Dark_ALex


  18. LAP87

    Wooh! Praise be unto Yifan Lu!

  19. School Box

    Wololo Once wrote like a “Fortune Teller”

    The future of HENkaku: what’s next for PS Vita hacks?

    I personally like and love what These “demagogues ” in this community have done to turn vita into a Sophisticated machine
    Bravo Henkaku and to you Great and Brilliant guys out there.

    A big pay is coming soon

  20. DanyH

    working great for me ONLY DELETING ” ux:0/thai” delete molecular reboot vita- reinstall henkaku 8.

  21. Salar

    You are my GOD !
    I Love u

  22. gunit

    works fine after fresh install of henkaku. Sony should stop the bs. They are no more supporting for so long, only trying to make the leftovers more unattractive

    • lol

      they are still making money off vita and the japanese games….they should just let u pirate anything u want and play online with it? nope they will try stop you anyway possible to save every precious cent they can…..its just business

      • gunit

        i like to play my games online and besides use emulation of gba and snes, so no need for pirating. i bought the games i liked like Resogun <3 and the old Jak games. it is just annoying that they invest more time and money in blocking features than in improving service, games, and possibilites. in my eyes the vita had what the switch has now years ago (playing mobile and at tv, ad hoc gaming, oldschool games like ps2 games, long battery life, vr gaming, …)! but they totally messed up everything

  23. hadi

    wow, thanks it works….

  24. folkk

    is there any psp demo I can download on the psn store?

  25. Shikhar

    Worked on the first try. Played KZM after a long time. Hope we get atleast a week to try out more games online. Wataa

  26. Noob

    PS4 Remote play worked for me so thank you Yifan Lu!

  27. rex

    To me it gives me a corrupt file error, I force it to install and nothing

  28. samkoz

    Does this mean i can install a berserk band of the hawk on my 3.60 console and it will work !?>~?!!?!? please reply to this

  29. Disclaimer

    Did work yesterday at first try but won’t anymore today, is it me or is it global ?

  30. ZeroSbr

    3.63 is still the latest update as of this comment. PSN spoofing should still work.

  31. TheBugi

    Still WORKS!

  32. BlackMario

    I think it’s officially not worling again :/ But theses last weeks were amazing XD

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