VitaPad++ released – GekiHen contest


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  1. dwa


  2. Laxxus30

    Its name is a little confusing because there is another homebrew with a similar name called “Vitapad” by rinnegatamante

  3. William

    The CIA control this version, too?

  4. geos

    bluetooth keyboard support? i don’t have one atm

  5. spoonm

    Judging by the thumbnail I thought it looked more like Sublime with its default colorscheme, but on second inspection the interface doesn’t look that similar.

    While text editing is nice to have and all, syntax highlighting for programming languages is probably a little useless, given you’re unlikely to edit source code while on the Vita. Unless someone’s made a compiler or interpreter(s) that run on the Vita itself, in which case where are the posts about them? 😮

    • Josh

      Code on the go.

      I guess that’s the point of it.
      It can be useful.

    • Filippo94

      You could actually create a LUA interpreter program on the Vita, with such a good text editor. Imagine completing your code, open interpreter, check errors, close, back to text, fix, repeat. The workflow could get much faster with such an app. Not considering that you don’t have to carry a PC with you.

  6. d4rk51d3


  7. Arkanite

    I have creative control, but yes in the end i answer to the CIA. 😛

    No bluetooth keyboard support.
    I’ll need to get my hands on a BT keyboard before i can look into that.
    Nice idea though 🙂

  8. Serenity

    Please learn what IDE means…

  9. jonah

    wololo link 404…can you fix it
    This project doesn’t exist.

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