VitaShell 1.61 released – Important bug fixes


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  1. aneesh says:

    Can u guide me how do i launch games off a flash drive. I own a 3.60 vita tv on henkaku running vitashell 1.61

    • >_> says:

      Had to post twice eh? >_>

    • Fallenleader says:

      Too vague. Are you running it as UMA0 or UX0
      The former I have no clue on, as the ideal situation is to mount it as UX0 after you mount it as UMA0.
      For the later, make sure any game you copy over are in another folder (i have one named “IMPORT” without quotes), press triangle on the game folder (e.g. GAME000123) and choose “Install Folder”. This will transfer the game to the app folder AND add in the information needed to create the bubble so you can play the game.

      You sould be using mai dumps whenever possible as you can use mai to change the loading mode if the game fails to boot for you. This is also required if you are pushing through DLC, as you will need mode 5 to use it.

  2. kunt says:

    it wont let me mount my flashdrive with a usb otg cable on my ps vita

  3. Tonbo says:

    usb type c microsd adapter, wish I had this device to play with on vita, so compact.

  4. Quakerbou says:

    Nice Flow this is very useful for you guys that your not getting it your USB Flash drive would be serve as your secondary partition or for a user like me has only 4gb Vita memory card user i can use my old USB Flash to 16 to 32 gb without buying the original Expensive PSV memory card theFlow beat the other hacker i forgot his name but i think that guy has planned to in memory card but TheFlow nail it now my respect to this guy is growing more and more and i have save a lot of money Thanks to Theflow Guys big ups to him give him any donations he deserve it

  5. Schwarzer says:

    Once I update it can I still use maidump as always? Is there any change? Thank you.

  6. Hans says:

    An ISO Loader like on psp can be done now or?

  7. KonaKona says:

    Does the usb affect game load times when compared to the memory card?

  8. mattsouce says:

    teet it yourself an stop asking questions

  9. reymon says:

    i cant get it to work( the usb conection to pc) it shows that “pc conected” but nothing happnes on pc side, cant see de folders cant see nothing.try opencma, qcma and the official too..its .like windows does not detect anything when i plug the cable….any advice?
    sorry my englsh so bad

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