VitaShell 1.6 released – USB storage support on PSTV!


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  1. yuna

    It looks amazing. i’ve tried it already. maybe something like psv gamecard reader will come out soon. psv gamecard only have maximun 4 gb. so it’s not that much.

    • ROD

      Is there a difference in loading times when comparing loading a game off Sony’s proprietary memory card to the speed from loading a game off a pendrive/flash drive?
      Please post a video doing that with a 3GB+ Vita game like Helldivers on youtube and let us know.

      • yuna

        It has pretty same speed with the memory card speed around 8mb/s in my netbook(i copied ciel no surge offline to my pc just for testing the game has 10000 files so it’s good for testing the speed). and for loading time it’s not that noticeable tbh. it’s just a few second slower than loading game from memory card 1 second at most.

  2. ESL-kun

    now all we need is that Adrenaline update 😉

  3. Donopatay

    A very nice update indeed. Truly nice.

  4. Coolthx


  5. Edward

    is this usb storage available for psvita tv only? What about the psvita itself?

    • ROD

      What about it? The PSVita does not have a USB output, while the PSTV does.
      I mean, the closest thing to a USB output that the Vita has is that Mystery port, but there is no way to use it if the current firmware does not activate that port.
      The only thing the Vita audience can hope for is a microSD adapter for the handheld, if we want to get rid of sony’s *** prop ***, that is.

    • M

      Everywhere you guys asking this same ***. Its rage inducing.

    • Mangaboy

      It’s kinda obvious that the Vita doesn’t have a USB port like the PSTV…

  6. aneesh

    Today morning i turned on my vita tv and as mentioned i did get a vita shell update 1.60
    It downloaded and after the end of installation it has been giving me errors 0x0000f

    OK, now i tried downloading manually on pc and ftp’ed with Flashfxp and tried installling on vita tv. Now again i get different error code at the end of installation.

    I also see a vita updater icon on the live area. I have not been successfull updating this. Can someone help me please?


  7. William

    I got this error ux0:data/psp2core-1489793657-0x000028381-eboot.bin.psp2dmp

    • Fallenleader

      I found that it is likely 3 reasons:
      You went straight to 1.60
      You were using an outdated version of Vitashell older than 1.5/1.51
      Something sc*** up in your previous version of Vitashell

      The solution for me was to delete the 1.6 vitashell, and incrementally install 1.5 using molecular shell. open, then update to 1.51, open and close it, then finally install 1.6. once I did this, it worked fine for me.

  8. Dr.MariO

    Maybe there would be a way some day to either use the charging cable port for mass storage or the actual Game port to use regular SD cards with the vita to expand the standard PSV’s memory. I hope someone like TheFL0w would look into this possibility and would definitly make the PSV an awesome handheld of all time.

  9. neoman4426

    “Not all devices may work due to power requirements! Some external hard drives may require a powered USB hub!” If all you want to plug in is a hard drive that doesn’t get enough power to spin up properly I’d likely go with a y-cable and a spare phone charger, a bit lower profile I think. A hub is useful if you want to charge your controller at the same time or have a wired only controller (whether it be one with a battery that doesn’t hold a charge, one of the third party wireless ones that use a dongle, or one that’s actually designed to be wired only). I can confirm that using a hub in passive mode works with the combination of a flash drive, a crossover gaming device, and a third party wireless dongled controller, though only with the hub plugged directly into the PSTV, did not work with the hub plugged into the USB extender cable I had plugged into the PSTV before

  10. Bob

    I am planning on picking up a new flashdrive for my vita tv (all the old ones are full or not very large), and i cant remember does the vita tv use usb 3.0 or 2.0 im pretty sure its 2.0 but i wanted to make sure…. Thanks.

    • Fallenleader

      USB 3.0 drives work just fine.

      You won’t see the speed boost on the PTSV, but when you turn off the PSTV and transfer your games on the PC (which is another benefit of this mod), if you have usb 3 on your PC, you will benefit from the extra speed in transfer time.

      I was able to transfer almost 16GB of content in a few seconds, and I still have plenty more to go.

    • Throw_Away_Account_To_Help_Bob

      Usb 2.0, It can read 3.0 and 3.1 drives but it will only read / write at 2.0 speeds.

  11. mixedfish

    Does this mean you can unpack everything on the harddrive via PC and then install it on Vita?

    • Fallenleader

      Yep! Just turn off your device, plug the USB drive into the PC, and copy files the same way you would in FTP for the UX0 directory.

      If you have a USB 3.0 drive, you also benefit from the boost in speed.

      • mixedfish

        Exactly what I wanted to hear. Huge boost in speed if you can.

      • kezie

        mind if you explain this further…

        does the usb drive that we want to plug into pstv need to have exact same folder and file as in uXo before it can detect the usb?

      • kenzie

        mind to explain a bit on this?

        do we have to copy exact same file from ux0 in the pstv into the usb before the usb can be recognized by pstv?

        • erik

          Here is what I did:

          when I mounted my usb stick it created a few files such as “SceloTrash” and “System Volume Information”. Basically I copied every file that was on ux0 to my usb stick except for the ones that were already created automatically on the usb (for example SceloTrash). Once I did that, I had to restart the vita tv and then everything worked. Now I can install VPKs to my usb stick and everything just works!

  12. allan

    looks like my vita tv is now bricked after installing the 1.6 update.. pls help

  13. Bob

    Did your tvs just stop detecting it immediately after installation? Or was it something else? have you tried removing the usb when you launch? did you screw with any of the system files?

    • Allan

      after installing the 1.6 update through molecular shell. i inserted a fat 32 formatted usb stick and then restarted the vita tv.. I didnt get the welcome screen again after powering off.

      • Donopatay

        The Vita is using the exfat filesystem for its storage and not a FAT32 file system. Although Im not sure why it would cause the problems you are having. You better report that to “TheFlow” because if what your telling us is true. That is some MAJOR problem.

  14. Drasglaf

    Now that’s what I call a big update. Great work TheFLow!

  15. z3nGuru

    I want this on 3.63 🙂 But happy for you all..

  16. Well it´s a great release, today i will make my mod, i will rip off a PSV power/USB cable, and attach at an OTG cable to receive a flashdrive on my PSV, i hope it works on my commom PSV, i think it´s can be possible since i will make a generic USB door on my PSV.

  17. Aneesh

    Hey guys finally I have vita shell 1.61 up and running properly on vita TV.
    Now I am able to mount USB flash drives and it gets detected !!

    Question : can I play vita backups directly off the flash drive like how we do for xbox or ps3 multiman ??

  18. cdfreak

    Is it posible to copy all ux0 content from the memorycard to a usb drive so no swapping is necessary anny more between Vita en PSTV?

  19. fmj77

    How do I update Vitashell? I tried installing the VPK and I get error C1-9649-8 when I try to launch it.

  20. JESUSXD88

    Awesome job TheFlow, the next good thing we need is the same thing in PSTV, but in the PS Vita itself using the Micro USB OTG

  21. narsink

    I want to buy a PS TV but not sure which 1 to get to run HENkaku.

    • eikeka

      A completely new one (will always be under 3.61) or you have to ask around on websites if the seller knows which firmware is installed.

  22. Peter

    Can we install games to the USB drive from PC?

  23. srmoska

    I don’t have a Vita TV so I don’t care for USB support, I wasn PS1 games working on adrenaline!!!!!!


    YOu should include the instructions on how to use it. Cuz its *** confusing. and not to *** mention i cant find that info anywhere online. except 2 places. a site that you guys say dont *** visit and the flows official page “”
    just got to scroll down a bit.

  25. BioAlpha

    For anyone including the above guy….
    How to use an USB flash drive as Memory Card on a PS TV

    Format your USB flash drive as exFAT or FAT32.
    Launch VitaShell and press /\ in the ‘home’ section.
    Select ‘Mount uma0:’ and attach your USB flash drive. You can now copy stuff from/to your USB stick.
    Once ‘uma0:’ is listed under the partitions, press /\ again and choose ‘Mount USB ux0:’. This will copy important apps like VitaShell, molecularShell, and other files.
    Your USB flash drive is now acting as a Memory Card.
    To sync all your apps on your USB flash drive, press /\ and choose ‘Refresh livearea’. This will NOT refresh PSP games.
    If you wish to revert the patch, press /\ and select ‘Umount USB ux0:’.
    Note that this patch is only temporary and you need to redo the procedure everytime you launch your PS TV.

  26. ROD

    Even though this is such a great release, I think all it needs to make it even better is to implement this change (mounting a USB device at PS TV’s startup via a custom FW and load stuff from there) into the system instead of making it rely on a hack that needs to be started, otherwise it will render this functionality useless. For example, for some reason I cannot start my hack anymore using the browser trick (I’m still on 3.60 BTW) – the browser just outputs C2-1282828-1 error code and that’s it. Using the Vita’s workaround is impossible because it requires to turn off Wifi in order to delete the browser’s cache and history, but there’s no way I can turn it off on PS TV. If I somehow manage to make Henkaku work again, I might as well install the offline hack and see how it goes…

  27. wisdon

    whats the use of game card in usb device mode in vita shell on ps vita

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