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Nintendo Switch Hack: Proof of Concept of the Nintendo Switch Webkit exploit published


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  1. reckless0

    Now I just need to decide if I want to stay down on a lower FW in order to wait for something of note…. I am leaning towards no. May buy a second Switch for this purpose… but I’d like to keep multiplayer functionality and look forward to seeing how the OS evolves from Nintendo’s side.

  2. MarSprite

    Seems like a system that really lends itself to homebrew. It’s got the option of a traditional control scheme, it has motion controls, detachable controls, decent battery life, a nice portable screen size, wifi, a touch screen, it even has a built in MicroSD.

    If the scene can dig into the internals of the switch software, I predict some very interesting homebrew.

    • Louie

      Would be sweet for a PSP or Vita emulator!! But then again…here’s hoping 🙂

    • Fortknaker

      It would be hilarious if we could run homebrew emulators before the official Virtual Console rollout. Hopefully Retroarch for Android will not need to be altered much to run on the Switch. The future of the Switch is looking very bright (unless you’re a Nintendo employee, stockholder or Switch developer). Than I’d be pretty worried.

  3. hugo

    pls dont kill nintendo with those hacks , for those who want to play ps vita just get a f,,, ps vita and same for snes there is like a zillion snes emu why do you need more? you guys dont see the entire picture if one true hack its out for the switch then the developers wont make games ( atlus , ea etc )

    • Thrawn

      So you say, if the device gets hacked early, certain publishers like ea, ubisoft and activision will stay away from it????


      Just good ninty stuff and some not so as*y publisher titles.

    • Yama

      That’s not true at all. Many systems have been massive successes despite being hacked or even having piracy available, for example DS and 3DS. This does not make or break a console.

    • rentao47

      totally agree!!! i think nintendo switch is brilliant console, please don’t kill it, just f…ing leave it along please!!!! we can already have nes, snes, gb, gba etc emu on pretty much every consoles!!! a psp is only ~€50 and you can get a like-new psv for less than €100, they are not expensive!!! you want play, but it !!!

      i want new games on switch!!! just f…ing leave it along,would you !!!

      • Panda

        Hackers and homebrew developers will never leave consoles alone.

      • Fortknaker

        Ok, we will, just because you asked nicely.


        Does anyone know if some FPGA magic would help the hacking process along at this point? That’s something I actually could help with, and I could really use a project to refresh my FPGA / VHDL skills which have been dormant since graduation.

        Or maybe some brazilian trickery with a RasPi would be beneficial…

    • Roomsaver

      You’re an idiot. Homebrew (and even PIRACY) doesn’t kill a console. Just because we have custom code execution on a console doesn’t mean developers won’t make games for it. The original DS had a TON of piracy and homebrew during its lifetime and sales were still really really high and games were still being made for it. Or even the PS2. There’s a lot of consoles that have had piracy and homebrew during their lifetime and they weren’t killed and games were still produced. PSVita emulators will definitely not be on the Switch. And why are you complaining about more SNES emulators? I think we should have more emulators being made for new systems or architecture. It lets developers learn more and, if they enjoy it, have fun. Don’t you think it’s cool to be able to run code for one console on another piece of hardware?

      • JRB

        how f***ing stupid are you to say things like that?? are you brain damage or something? PIRACY won’t kill a console? yah, probably won’t “kill” it, but definitely will do serious damage, what’s the difference? especially for a new console. why do you think game componies won’t put big effort in pc games any more? or are you just too stupid to understand this?

        also, it is handy to run code for one console on another piece of hardware, but there’s nothing “cool” about this. you buy a console, use somebody else’s homebrew and emu to run a game downloaded online which is dumped by another person, and you think this is cool? what a loser you have to be to think this is cool. you write your own emulator, or you build your own console that can run other consoles’ game, that’s cool.

        and more emulators? play the retro games on your phones, xbox, ps3, 3ds, whatever, don’t f***ing break a new console for this!!! see the big picture please, or are you just a loser who doesnot have money to buy games? wanna something cool, wanna more emu? write your own PSV, PS4, XboxOne emu!!!

        • kristofer bergqvist

          for god’s sake learn to spell and i guess you are a rich brat who never had to think about money or at least it sounds that way when you call people that can’t buy every new system or game a loser just because you come from a privileged place.

        • am

          Outdated arguments. Come back with some new ones.

        • Fortknaker

          *** illiterate yuppies.

    • Technoandlego

      And people still make games for pc?

  4. chocoguy

    Pls hack this console and let nintendo die. i wanna see nintendog fans tears

  5. Nex

    Just wait til they manage to access the APX mode.

  6. Aphelion

    loving how many kids with switches are scared shitless of this news

  7. KiraSlith

    With the newly released information that the Switch is literally just a Shield TV shoved back into tablet format, I’m willing to make a bet that, after we’ve busted the Kernel, SOMEONE is going to install Android on this baby again and we’ll be back to square 1, but plus a pair of neat controllers. (also, I think I caught you playing GTAV Wololo, next time i’ll say hello. 🙂 )

  8. Fortknaker

    Oh Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo… You had one job, make the Switch hack-resistant, and you blew it. It’s impossible to lock down a web browser, so I figured for sure they would skip it entirely, but no, they did the dumbest thing possible and included webkit, giving hackers an easy attack vector, but still severely gimped end-user functionality. This asinine decision is going to really hurt Ninty’s bottom line over the next few years.
    I was going to hold off on the Switch until I knew if game piracy would be possible or not. Looks like I can’t use that excuse anymore…

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