Release: FIFA MOD 1.0 for PS Vita

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  1. Salar says:

    Thanks for the update

  2. 0x7FFFFFFF says:

    We can make a mod for FIFA 15, but can we make a mod for CoD: Black Ops Declassified?

  3. ROD says:

    Thank you very much. This goes to show EA only released more “legacy updates” for the sake of some extra buck and to milk the heck out of the franchise on the Vita.
    Too bad this mod requires a hacked Vita, otherwise I’d be more than glad to try it.

  4. wat says:

    how to change language to english?

  5. Kev63 says:

    Unfortunately it’s in Spanish! Can someone make a tutorial on how to put this patch in our own version. I have a French cart of FIFA 15, can dump it whenever I want but I don’t know which files I need to replace to make it work.

  6. khan says:

    English patch for fifa 17
    copy all files from the zip to main game folder and delete audio files for spanish language instructions are included i think.

  7. khan says:

    complete instructions.

  8. BuBuSeTTeTe says:

    Do i need fifa 15 full game?
    Or can i install it only with dowloaded files?

  9. Sasha says:

    Whats about squads? Is it from fifa 17?

  10. chronoss says:

    I can’t save ma careere with this mod, i’m alone ?

  11. Santiago says:

    OMG finally Uruguayan teams!! Peñarol and Nacional are one of the best clubs in the world, and EA never added on FIFA :@

  12. Michael says:

    This is Amazing, i just see videos of fifa with mods but i always wanted a mod for the ps vita. But there’s just something please add some new tournaments like champions league, world cup, uefa euro and with their adboards each one and score boards please please added soon

  13. Reeshmd23 says:

    Need this team to work on madden 13

  14. It is great to have such website for the sims mobile.

  15. Kadjo says:

    Pls hi, pls is it possible to create an app that will allow the PS Vita 2000 graphic to look like PS Vita 1000 oled ? Pls is it possible???

  1. April 12, 2017

    […] the article about  FIFA MOD PS VITA ? (if you didn’t read it, here it is: click here). Well, this is a little tutorial about how to change the language to English or […]

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