RPCS3 Pushing the limits of PS3 emulation to new levels in 2017


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  1. s says:

    persona 5 !… wow

  2. Yattoz says:

    I’d like to add that there is a “major announcement” coming from RPCS3 website within 1 day, several hours… There’s a countdown on their website !

  3. Tot says:

    Probably a dumb question but are the save files the same as the PS3 when using the emulator?

  4. Smoker1 says:

    How exactly can they get this Working and report which Games work, when the End User, following the Instructions, can get ANYTHING to work????

  5. John says:

    Nope doesn’t work.

  6. Poor says:

    just bought new graphics card, gtx770 with finally opengl 4,5 support to test ps3 emu.
    Now somebody pls make a tutorial how to use it 😀

  7. Satan...I mean....Santa says:

    PS3s are so cheap now, there is no point in having an emulator IMO. GameStop has PS3s for the price of a current-gem game…$60!

    • Yuu says:

      Emulators are made for game preservation. And when it gets more accurate, games will work better than running them in an actual PS3.

      • Ell Enn says:

        Seeing that PS2 emulation maybe has higher resolution (what can give the game a better look in some eyes but also a falsified look in the eyes of a post HD gamer ( 😎 )) but still has a long way to be anything close to perfect… Maybe PS3 architecute is different, I always like new systems to get a better emulation state and what I can see is promising.

  8. Miesiu says:

    Is Linux version in any plan to release ?

  9. yu narukami says:

    They have Catherine running on the PS3 emulator now!!!


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