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18 Responses

  1. dat boi says:


  2. SeanP2500 says:

    what’s that I smell…exploit incoming?

    • SLeePLatED says:

      I do not think so

      • Pixelfool says:

        “This could turn out to become a pretty useful tool for some of us.”
        I think yes!

        • nightwishfan1 says:

          One of the sketchy members of the scene and you trust him? I find it funny how he seems to be the only one mentioning a hardware “mod” for the system, and expects sony not to address issues everyone knows about in the 4.50 beta fw when it goes public. They pretty much shut down a 4.05 exploit by failoverflow or they’d be posting how they can keep making their linux work on fw versions ahead of 4.05 via exploits, which they haven’t.

          This whole thing will be short lived. People will move on to a fw that isn’t buggy to play the newer games.

        • Bob says:

          Don’t be shocked when absolutely nothing comes of this. Everyone and their mother has supposedly cracked recent PS4 firmware yet there’s no proof anywhere.

    • Name says:

      You only smell the stink of your own stupidity. Not only has this always been possible on every Sony PSN system, this very article points that fact out in the second paragraph. This is simply a nice tool made by a nice developer, not an exploit.

      • Seanp2500 says:

        I’m stupid? Boss i was one of the first running linux on 360…

        Why even release such a tool?

        It is well known the system has been hacked by both reputable folks in usa and china…

        It is just a matter of time. Time is in my side.

        You keep disrespecting folks watch out time definitely ain’t on yours…

  3. Boobs says:

    Nice, you may want to reflect strange things happened around Psxhax since monday too, it’s so funny!
    Internet Rule #1: Never trust anonymous users.

  4. Cedar says:

    If only it allowed to downloading and installing of game updates! Really wouldn’t mind updating Ff15 but since I’m holding off on fully updating my ps4 it looks like. Il have to deal with base release for now

  5. hkazub says:

    Very useful for grabbing update pkg. To install you can use PSNDownloadHelper or CharlesProxy (as long as you already own the game physically or digitally)

    • Cedar says:

      Hears that has potential to get people banned?

      • hkazub says:

        No bans so far, and I don’t see why they would ban anyone because of this, since you are just using a proxy server to patch the game you own.

        • Cedar says:

          Awesome, well then I shall attempt this then. This should work regardless of what my console fw is?

          • hkazub says:

            Yes, PSXDowloadHelper also works with PS3 and Vita for installing games you already own the license.

        • Cedar says:

          Curious, during the step it says to initiate a download on thr ps4. Since I’m not on the newest firmware, how does one go about initiating a download as it asks me to update my firmware?

  6. Vahid Najafi says:

    Hi,again orbismodding is unreachable,my friend PLEASE fix it taanx